Chestnut Class
Welcome to Chestnut Class
Chestnut Class is home to years three and four who are taught by Miss Haile and Mrs Foster (Teaching assistant)
Term Four's topics are:
Science and DT - Electrical circuits
R.E. - Jesus as a leader
History - Stone Age to the Iron Age
Science - Electricity
In science we have been looking at where electricity comes from, why we need it and the dangers. We have so far created posters about the dangers of electricity and started to create out own electrical circuits.
We can identify circuits that will and will not work and we can draw our own circuit diagrams using symbols. Our favourite lesson so far as been using electrical components to make a clown's bow tie move.
English - Newspapers
Recently an incident occurred at Littledean C of E Primary School.
Frogs invaded Chestnut Class and left an awful mess behind.
Luckily Mr Birch (Our local PCSO) allowed us to work with him to solve the mystery!
We are now in the process of editing our writing so we can send our final report to Mr Birch.
Young Voices 2017
After many months of practising, we finally made it to the Genting Area in Birmingham!
We sang our hearts out all day and through the evening.
Our teachers were very, very proud of us (as they always are) and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite the incredibly long day!
Design and Technology - Healthy Snacks
After completing our science topic about healthy eating we have been looking healthy snacks. We decided that at break time some of the children were not bringing in snacks that we considered to be healthy. We surveyed all of the children in Key Stage Two an analysed our results by creating bar graphs and pictograms.
After that we tried some healthy alternatives - flapjack, hummus, granola, fruity jelly and healthy carrot muffins. We gave each food a mark out of five for taste and texture and decided which one was out favourite.
Carrot cake and granola won!
We then decided to look at some healthy snacks, using the laptops for research. We noted down some ideas and then narrowed our choices down to three that we could make. We had to find a recipe that was suitable and justify why each ingredient was healthy.
We are making:
  • Fruit jellies
  • Flapjack
  • Rainbow pizzas
German - Colours
Rugby Coaching with Gloucester Rugby
Art - Colour Mixing
In art we have been looking at primary, secondary and tertiary colours. We have experimented using paint to create different colours and recently we have been looking at adding white and black to make different shades. We have remembered to add to the lightest colour to our paint palette first by saying 'light is right'
Our final outcome has been to re-create Van Gogh's 'Sun Flowers' We chose one colour as a base for our picture and we could only add black or white to change our original colour. The only other colour we could use was green for the stems of the flowers.
They turned out really well and we are very proud of them!
Chestnut Class Christmas Homework
Christmas Jumper Day
R.E. - Sacred Books
So far in this unit of work we have talked about 6 world religions, identified the symbols for them and the scared book that belongs to each. We have also discussed what the word 'sacred' means and identified people and objects that are precious to us.
The work, pictured below, was a result of a discussion around 'Why is the Bible important to Christians?'
We came up with many similes that explain why the Bible is important and turned them into shape poems.
The children chose which shape they wanted after thinking about what symbols reflect Christianity.
During term one Chestnut Class has based their homework around the Egyptians. They have been able to choose the activities they would like to do at home with their families or by themselves. The children have worked really hard and produced some lovely work. They have shared every piece with the class too and we have all learned a lot!
Life Bus
While we were on the life bus we talked about how we were different and how this was a good thing. We also identified parts of the body and the effects of alcohol.
We have been looking at different ways of starting our sentences. So far we have looked at adverbs and similes. We have linked each sentence starter with an action to help us remember them. Our photos are also on our working wall.
Science - The Skeleton
We have been learning all about the bones in our bodies. We have talked about why we need bones and started to name many of them. We have mode models of skeletons using art straws and then named the bones, we have played Simon says, we have had a group competition in the hall where we had to draw around each other and then draw the bone that had been selected on the body (we also had to explain where this bone was in the body to our teacher and the class to see if they agreed with us. We got a point for the correct answer) and finally we have sung 'Heads shoulders knees and toes' using the correct names.
Here is the song:
Skull, scapula, patella, phalanges, patella, phalanges,
Skull, scapula, patella, phalanges, patella, phalanges,
And humorous, pelvis, radius and ulna,
Skull, scapula, patella, phalanges, patella, phalanges.
Healthy Food Workshop
Science - Healthy Eating
We have been learning about different foods.
First we looked at foods and grouped them in as many ways as we could think of. Then we learned that foods belong to 5 different groups: carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables, protein, dairy and fats and sugars.
We also recorded what we had eaten during a day and created bar graphs and pictograms to show which food groups we were getting our food from. We then compared this to the eat well plate and thought about what changes we could make to our diet to make it more balanced. 
Science - Teeth
During this unit we have looked at the names of the types of teeth we have and what their jobs are. We have also discussed how important it is to brush our teeth and how to look after them. We wanted to find out which drink would cause the enamel on our teeth to corrode so we set up an experiment.
We left boiled eggs in different liquids (coke, sugar free coke, milk, water and orange juice) for several days and then observed what had happened.
Most of us thought that coke would make our teeth corrode the quickest and we predicted that it would also stain our teeth. We were right that is did stain however the orange juice was much, much worse! The shell of the egg that had been in the orange juice had corroded and in some places the shell had completely disappeared! The rest of the shell was very fragile.
Science - The Digestive System
In science we have been learning about how our food is digested and hour we absorb the nutrients from our food. We worked in groups and used props to represent parts of the digestive system.
First, we broken up the bread with our hands to show the teeth breaking down the food.
Then we added water for saliva continued to mix it and break it down with a fork.
We then passed it through a funnel and down a tube to show it moving from the mouth to the stomach via the oesophagus.
After that we added 'acid and digestive juices' into a food bag and squashed it to show what happens in the stomach.
Then we passed the 'food' through a pair of tights and showed how the nutrients and water are taken out in the small and large intestines.
Finally, we ended up with a solid mass at the end!
Year Three and Four Spelling and Grammar Group
We have been thinking of different ways of learning our spellings after looking at spelling rules and patterns.
This week we have been cheerleading. In groups we have used our bodies to make the letters of the words we have been looking at. We have also worked in pairs to write on each other's backs with our fingers and our partner has to guess the word we are spelling.
Reading Buddies
Every Wednesday the children in Holly Berries visit us in Chestnut Class and we listen to them read or we share our books with them.
Golden Time
Every day we earn 5 minutes of golden time for excellent behaviour and effort in class. During golden time on a Friday we can choose games and activities from the challenge box, build things from Knex, go on the laptops and tablets or do some drawing. At this time we can also 'cash in' our raffle tickets for prizes. Raffle tickets are given to children who meet their targets, complete work to an exceptional standard or who are generally showing that they are making a huge effort with their school work.
Our first English topic is instruction texts. We have been reading George's Marvellous Medicine and finding out about how George get his revenge on Grandma by giving her a new medicine. We have started to write our own recipes for our magical mixtures, crazy concoctions and powerful potions! The photographs below show the actions we used to help us remember the features of an instruction text.
Roald Dahl Celebrations
We have looked at many of Roald Dahl's stories this week:
Fantastic Mr Fox
The Twits
George's Marvellous Medicine
We have looked at the Dream Jar Trail that took place during the summer holidays in London and some of the jars that celebrities produced. We then thought carefully about how we would change the world to make it a better place and what that would look like. We have created our own dream jars and dream catchers.
After reading about Mr Twit, we collaged some beards and drew pictures of disgusting food that might be stuck in it.
After reading Fantastic Mr Fox we had a go at drawing him and making origami foxes.  
Art - Andy Warhol
We have started our art unit by looking at Andy Warhol. We have created fact files about him and looked at how he first became interested in art.
We have looked at how he used the 'blotting technique' to create one of his adverts and then had a go at this ourselves. It took a lot of patience but we persevered with the task (even if the ink did smudge sometimes).
Experience Harvest
On Friday (23rd September) we gathered in the hall to learn about the harvest of the earth, grain, flock, ocean and garden. 
Archive: academic year 2015/16.

Africa Week

Our second week into the term has been focused on Africa as it has just been announced that we have a partner school in Kenya! We have looked at maps and used the tablets and laptops to find our where Kenya is, locate the different countries in Africa and identify their flags. We have also looked at African masks and created our own with a focus on symmetry.


Life Bus

This afternoon Chestnut Class went on the life bus to learn all about our brain and the signals it gives the whole body. We pretended to be neurons to send signals and messages to each other in order to make different body parts to move. We also helped Harold with his homework about helpful and harmful drugs. At the end of the session we talked about friendship and team work. 



Tintern Abbey
Chestnut and Hawthorn class had a fantastic time at Tintern Abbey where they met Brother Thomas who took them on a tour of the abbey and explained what life was life as a monk. The children spent the day with classes from Redbrook C of E Primary and worked together on gathering vocabulary for poetry work and sketching the abbey.
Young Voices
In January a choir of 27 children sang at the Genting Arena in Birmingham with thousands of other children. After months of practising the children thoroughly enjoyed singing at the concert and celebrating 20 years of young voices.
Author Visit - Edward Trayer
Chestnut Class was really lucky to have the chance to participate in a writing workshop with Edward. They discussed what it was like to be an author, how to get ideas and how to extend ideas to create a whole story. The children could also buy books that Edward had written and get them signed.
We particularly enjoyed it when he read us 'The Boy who Piddled in Grandad's Slippers!'
Dogs Trust
This week we had a lady come in to talk to use about looking after dogs, what it meant to be an owner and how to approach dogs that we don't know.
Design and Technology
As part of our DT unit, levers, we have been looking at making Roman catapults. Our current history topic is the Romans which we have loved learning about, especially the weapons. We have spent a lot of time learning to measure accuarately, saw wood safely, how to make joints stronger and evaluate our work. We have loved testing them out too!
Making Bread
Linked to our Roman topic again we have been looking at what they would have eaten. Although we haven't made bread 'the Roman way' we have carefully followed recipes and enjoyed making delicious rolls!
Science - Volcanoes
As the year 5's and 6's have been away at Whitemead on their residential trip we decided we should have just as much fun. We have watched lots of videos of volcano eruptions and discussed what causes them to form and erupt. We then made volcanos out of paper and plastic bottles and used bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, water, washing up liquid and food colouring the make the lava. Needless to say we made a bit of a mess (luckily we did it outside!) but we enjoyed it and learned a lot.
Science - The workings of the ear
As part of our sound topic we have been looking at how the ear works. All of the children managed to use some very complicated language and one child in particuar wanted to show of what he had learned to his parents (See video below).
Well done Thomas for using super scientific vocabulary!

Violin Lessons

We have embarked on a 10 week (initially) series of violin lessons. After 10 weeks the children will decide if they wish to continue for a further 10 weeks.

Resilience Workshop
Chestnut Class have been really lucky and written their own song! Throughout the day, we talked about what resilience means to us and how we can be resilient in our lives. We spent many hours discussing lyrics and we finally came up with our own song which you can fine here (see link below - copy and paste the link into the search bar at the top of your page).
We worked really well as a team as each group wrote one verse each and we all decided on the chorus. W e hope you like it!
Golf Day
David Morris came in to school to do some coaching with all of the classes. During our session we looked at holding the club correctly, hitting the ball onto a target and developing height and distance of the ball.
We had a great session and we can't wait for Dave to start an after school club!
Church Visit
We are currently looking at how Christians worship, why this is important to us and comparing our worship to other faiths. We have linked up with Tredworth Junior school who are coming to visit us in July to find out what it is like to worship at a Church of England school. We decided that the church was really important to us and we want to make an information leaflet about the features of the church. We visited the church to take photographs of the different features, discussed why they are important and carried out some observational drawings. Also, we took notes on the colours that are used in the church and how the church made us feel ready to create some poetry.
School Fair
On Saturday 18th June a lot of Chestnut Class attended the summer fair. We had a great time winning chocolate, eating ice cream, smashing crockery, jumping down the bouncy slide and throwing sponges at people in the stocks.
Transition Morning
On 21st June the year 2 children joined the current year 3 to get to know each other and do some activities in preparation for September. We met our buddies this morning too - these are the people who we are going to support next year.
We decided to do some science as our first topic is going to be animals and habitats.
We looked at lots of photographs of habitats and thought about which animals might live there. After that, we went on our own habitat and animal hunt around school. We took magnifying glasses with us so we didn't miss anything.
We found animals in the following places:
The grass
Under logs
Under types
Under the boat in the forest schools area
In the tree
On the wall
On the tarmac
In the bushes
Our favourite animals were the beetles, woodlice and baby frogs!
Finally we made some mazes out of cubes and had a woodlice race. Unfortunately the woodlouse we named flash wasn't so fast after all! (All of the woodlice were returned to where they were found and none of them were hurt)