Holly Berries

Hollyberries Class is home to the Year 1 and 2 children, along with Miss Franks (class teacher) and Miss Mace, Mrs Anderson and Mrs Tattersall (class TAs). 
We hope you find our class page enjoyable and informative.
Since  Christmas we have had a lovely time.  We have been doing Traditional Tales and made our own Goldilocks and The Three Bears story; replacing bears with other animals. The children have been acting these out and learning the text using our Kung Fu Punctuation Actions.  We have especially been working on question marks and exclamation marks and suffixes such as ed and ing at the end of a word. 
We have been lucky enough to do lots of maths through forest schools and have just been up to the woods for a bear day with Holly Leaves. This was very chilly but lovely as the children bought their teddies and we had our own bear hunt, acted out the story of We'r going on a bear hunt and they build dens and habitats for their teddies. 
In Science we have been doing some investigating work - for example; what will keep Little Red Riding Hood, and her food the warmest. This involved identifying materials and choosing these to use to melt chocolate. The children children made predictions and recorded their results. 
It has been really fantastic seeing how wonderfully the children have really progressed this term and how they are applying their knowledge to produce some fantastic work. I will look forward to coming back and visiting and seeing how they have developed in the future and would like to thank all the children and parents for their hard work.
On the first day back of 2017, the children received an exciting message and had to follow and collect clues. This led them to a letter from the Fairy Tale Dragon asking them for help to rebuild Traditional Tale and Fairy Tale Land.  To do this, their mission is to find out as much as they can about these types of stories. This is what we are doing through our English lessons on a Monday and Tuesday mornings, as well as other times of the week.
As we start our new topic , the children have also had a letter about Goldilocks, asking them to find out all about where they live and maps.  We have started doing this and the children have already used and understood language such as town, village, county and country.
Hollyberries had a very busy Christmas term, with learning and practicing the Christmas play; Hey Ewe and finding out about the Christmas season. This involved discovering art techniques such as repetitive printing (which they used when creating wrapping paper). The children also enjoyed using design and technology equipment outside and making a wooden Christmas tree decorations.  
As part of our forest schools learning, we focused on types of animals, particularly on mini beasts, where the children used secondary sources to research about their mini beast . They then wrote an information piece on writing based on their findings.  They used their knowledge on non - fiction texts to help them do this.
In Maths, the children have been focusing mainly on fractions and subtraction this term.
After the children performed a fantastic play about the curious sheep, they were lucky enough to take a trip to the pantomime at the end of the term, watching Robin Hood. They also enjoyed having a Christmas dinner and the end of term disco. 
The children are doing a really great job at using phrases such as "I can't do it yet" and are enjoying working on challenge to grow their mind. 
Well done Hollyberries.
Welcome to Hollyberries. This year, we have lots of new children who have come to our class and they have settled in brilliantly. To help the children all settle in and get to know each other, we have been doing lots of work with our buddies (the children who were Year 1 in Hollyberries last year). This has been a fun experience.
At the beginning of the term, the children were lucky enough to be met by Lenny the Lemur, our lemur friend who knows all about having a growth mindset. He has shown us videos, songs and stories all about having a growth mindset. He has helped us understand that it is ok to make mistakes because we can learn from them. Also, Lenny taught us the power of "yet". Now our class moto is ....I can't do it yet, rather than anyone saying I can not do it. We have looked at strategies of how to improve our learning and grow our brain and the children have been trying hard to do this. This has also helped us when looking at our targets and going for a challenge.
As part of our growth mindset challenge, we have been looking at how different people face challenges  and how we can grow stronger through these. We have also been looking at our differences and how we are special. As part of this we looked at Olympians and Paralympics.  We were then lucky enough to have Mr Franks come in and lead a special pirate Paralympics day, where the children took part in different activities such as blind football,  bocce and blind basketball. The children were fantastic at this.  
To celebrate Roald Dahl day the children have watched the cartoon BFG film and then have drawn  their own pot of dreams. The children did different ones of these; the dreams for their learning, dreams for when they are older and our pot of dreams based on how to create a good world.
This term, as we have been settling in to our new class, we have been finding out all sorts of wonderful pirate skills and facts.   We have had several visits on our whiteboard from our pirate friend and he has set us many pirate challenges, including using compasses, grid references and keys on a map.  
In forest schools the children have been developing their knowledge of the wider world through science and through topic, art and technology activities. The children have been working with Miss Worgan using tools to cut, scrape and shape wood. They have made flags, where we used the natural resources to make a Littledean, forest schools flag and they cut the wood. They have also made their own compasses.    Other activities the children have done is measure capacity to make pirate bone (mud) soup, made the stinkiest party drink, painted and studied trees and habits in Autumn, make coloured leaf pictures and been identifying and comparing mini beasts. As well as this, the children have been on pirate scavenger hunts up the woods, have cooked on a log fire and have created their own pirate stories and acted these out up the woods on the pirate ships. We videoed these stories and the children have enjoyed acting them out, watching the videos and making their own story book based on their story. 
In English, as well as working on pirate stories and creating their own, the children have been working on the story "Captain Beastlies Pirate Party", a book about a stinky, dirty pirate and the battle in trying to get him to have a bath.  The children have developed labeling and caption skills, have been on many adjective and pirate hunts and have created a character description on Captain Beastly as he has gone missing!!!!  The children have also designed their own pirate and have created a character description for them too, using adjectives, expanded noun phrases, commas and ands , buts and because. They have done a great job with this. 
To help us with our understanding of grammar, we have been using Kung Fu Punctuation (action punctuation) when we have been saying our sentences and we are starting to be bale to check our work using this. 
Archive: academic year 2015/16.
The last three weeks of half term we were extremely lucky to have 5 Cream legbar chicken eggs which we kept in an incubator. We observed any changes we could see and it got incredibly exciting when they started chirping and wobbling! Then over night they all hatched. We named them: Berries, The Bonce,  Anastasia, Stevie and Angus. Berries was the first to arrive taking several hours to fully hatch.  We were very fortunate that Mrs T took them home every night and carred for them each night and at the weekend.  The children loved seeing the new chicks and made lots of observations on them and how they changed. This linked into our topic; The Circle of life, and our Science; new life, animal growth, how to survive and habitats.  The children's faces when they first saw the chicks was amazing and they loved holding and stroking the chicks. It was a really great experience , plus, it helped us massively in being able to write an information  piece of writing on chicks. 
Earlier in the Year, the children wrote letters to the Prime Minister. This came about as the children asked why they had to do so many tests and eventually when they understood how the goverment make our rules about what we do in school, they asked if they could write to Mr Cameron and explain why they didn't think all the tests were good. From this we looked at how to do persuasive writing and eventually wrote a persuasive letter to Mr Cameron, explaining the children's heartfelt ideas of why tests are not good.... They were great letters and I have sent them off to 10 Downing Street. We will now wait for our reply. 
The Year Twos' have now completed their SATS! YAY!  They did a really great job and worked extrememly hard. I am very proud of them all!  
To celebrate the end of SATS we had a party and it was great! We even had a disco ball!!!
Some children have been working on poetry and rhyming with Mr Vaughn on the Book Room on the Broom. They are doing a great job with this.
Some of the children have been working on lots of these books. They have recreated these- in different habitats and with different characters, for example; instead of the smartest Giant in Town, we had the Smartest Oger in Town and many more. They used different objects too, for example a trainer as a swing for a meercat in Africa and a belt as a trap for catching their food.  
We also created different Gruffalo characters- for example we had the Gruff Gruff, The Gerald and even the BooboLaPo and they were very imaginative characters.
The children were really lucky as they had visitors in to talk to them about having a new baby. They also went over to a church to re-enact a dedication service. They really enjoyed this.
Our new topic is "Did it really happen" looking at the Fire of London and famous people from the past. We will also be linking this into our science topic of materials.   We have already been very lucky to have the fire servive and police come in to our class this year and we will able to use this knowledge to help us even more with this topic. 
The children were really lucky to have the experience pentecost team in and they learnt alot from this.
The children had paralympic athlete in to do some activities with. They really enjoyed this and thank you to all the people that sponsored the children.
Last week the children also took part in some golf lessons, which they loved. They really enjoyed learning some of these skills and it gave some of them lots of motivation when they wrote a persuasive letter to Mrs McGolderica about what sports equipment they would like to have. No surprise- they were keen for golf sticks! 
 As a celebration for the Queens 90th Birthday, the children are wore red, white and blue and had a picnic lunch . 
Since Christmas, we have been extremely busy. In Literacy some of the children have written a fairy tale, created character descriptions and have written many persuasive letters, one of which they have written to the Prime Minister (an idea one of the children came up with last term). 

The children in Willow group for English have been working especially hard on finger spaces and writing lots of sentences. They have been working hard on the rhyming books Mr Clog and the Log and others. 




In maths, the children particularly enjoyed pancake day where we made pancakes and cut them into fractions, collected data for our favourite toppings and made graphs from this.  We have been doing lots of work on fractions, multiplication, symmetry and shape. Some have also been working on fractions of amounts, division and money.



We have started our new topic "Circle of Life" and have been starting to look at different things that have happened in history and animals' life cycles. We have had dinosaurs visit our school and leave footprints in the forest school area! We measured these and did a scientific investigation comparing the size of our feet to a dinosaurs. We also looked at how long our bodies were (measured in both feet and cm) and then we used our findings to measure how tall the dinosaur was based on our findings. When we worked in groups and drew out our dinosaur, we saw how many metres this would be and we found that the dinosaur was even taller than our class line when it lay down!



We have looked at whether things have happened recently or decades or centuries ago and linked this to our dinosaurs visit. We also looked at what was dead, alive or had never been alive and this was interesting as we found out about animals such as dinosaurs, fossils and even materials such as string that used to be alive.

We have looked at what it means to be alive and some of us learnt the MRS GREN points. This was linked to the Hungry Caterpillar story and through guided reading we have compared this to the life cycle of a butterfly.  

As part of our learning we are making our own videos using models of the characters (which we have created) and we have made a short tune to go at the beginning and end of our video. These tunes have included long and short notes and loud and quiet playing.

All of this has helped the children with their guided reading which we do every Friday. Our focus this term has been on non-fiction texts and answering questions on a text. The children have worked fantastically on this.

As well as this, we have had World Book day where the children dressed up, Andy the fireman came back in with his fire engine for the children to see and some of us have even had our poetry work published! 


BEFORE EASTER- Trips and learning

In the run up to Easter we were lucky enough to do lots of work on the life cycle of a caterpillar. this included making videos, writing non-chronological reports and going on a trip to the Giant Wiggle and Dean Heratige Centre. This caterpillar project was part of our terms topic, the circle of life. We started off with dinosaurs and now we are looking at new life. As part of this, we also looked at eggs and why eggs are used at Easter (as a sign of new life). Lots of religions use this symbol. 


LITERACY- Poetry competition. 

After working hard on poetry and poetry techniques, several members of the class were successful at a poetry competition, meaning their poems will be published in a book. This is a great success and we are really proud of them. 



This term is a busy one! We have had parents evening and at the end of May, the Year Twos will be doing their SATS so we are working extra hard but everyone is doing a really great job and we are all very proud of how hard they are working, so keep it up HollyBerries!!!!



We are continuing our topic this term by looking at humans, animals and plants basic needs, how we grow, how we can live heathily and where we live and why. The children have already been carrying out comparative experiments to see if age affects how well you carry out activities. The children planned these themselves in their buddy groups and then carried these out, using children from Maple Class and Holly Leaves to help them do this. We will also be doing lots of measuring and weighing this term, for example, we have started an investigation about how much animals need to drink each day and we have weighed healthy and unhealthy foods. 



This term we are lucky as we also have a student teacher in our class.




We have already had an exciting beginning to our new school year with an Africa week. As the school have linked up with an African school in Kenya, we have been finding out all sorts of things about Africa and we will continue to do so. We were very lucky to have a visitor who has been to Africa several times and he led a special African day. As part of this day we made a jigsaw of Africa and looked at how all the countries develop different resources such as chocolate, gold and tea. After, we pretended to be African children, getting dressed up, waking up and doing jobs around the house and then re-enacting an African child's walk to school we looked out for all sorts of animals!!!!

When the children got back to the classroom, they found it had been transformed into an African school. Through reading the book "We all went on Safari", we learnt to count in Swahili to ten and we watched lots of videos of the animals in the story. As well as this, we compared how tall a giraffe was to the school, how big our feet are to an elephant's and saw an ostrich egg. 

In the afternoon the children took part in an African wedding ceremony, dressing up, playing real African instruments, experiencing the African toys made out of junk materials and we tried some African bread and rice! Some of us loved it but some of us were not so keen! It was a really great start to our topic. 

Our topic to start off with this year is Africa, however, we have linked this with our other topic, SUPERHEROES! Since Africa day, we have been sent some superhero messages. These have appeared on the whiteboard and it appears that we have our own personal superhero called Superhero Voyager! He has been talking to us and sending us missions to complete to help him! These have included finding out about why Africa is so warm and finding places in an atlas. I hope that we will get some more superhero messages soon!

As well as this, we have looked at what makes a hero and how we can be heroes. The children decided on special powers that they would have to be a superhero! They had some fantastic ideas.

In English, we had a big parcel delivered from Africa which contained a book called Handa's Surprise. It also had some fruit. We have received messages from the lion which we saw on Africa day and he has asked us to complete some different activities. We have put the story in order and some of us have been describing the fruit using adjectives and similes.

In maths we are developing our understanding of number, looking at ordering and sequencing. 

We have had a great start to the year and I am looking forward to all the new exciting missions and tasks we have to do this term.  Good Luck!



Even though we are only just into October we have already had an incredibly exciting time. We have have completed many superhero missions, finding out about physical and human features in Africa and comparing these to England.  We have also found out all about the different countries, capital cities and places in the UK. The children have used maps and grid references to find out where places are in London. Last week we had a superhero message from our own personal Holly Berries superhero, Captain Voyager. He asked us to find out about local heroes. We then had a hero from the local community come in, a fireman. He spoke to us all about what he did to help others and taught us some important rules. We also discussed how we could all be heroes. Mrs Tattersall wrote a fantastic poem about this which summed up our afternoon fantastically! (see below).


 Miss Franks told Hollyberries she had a surprise,

Then in the afternoon a superhero appeared before our eyes.

He stood there big, strong and tall,

With some superhero advice for us all.


He told us about his job and what he’ll do,

To keep our town safe, for me and you.

He will save a life and fight a fire

To fight for our cause, he will not tire.


But as well as telling us tales of what he’s done,

Andy told us all “We could be one!”

He said, “We are all superheroes inside”

“Our time will come we mustn’t hide!”


Be brave, be kind, be strong.

A superhero can help those who are wrong.

We can show others the right way and what is good,

If you get the chance to help, you really should!

By Mrs Tattersall


In numeracy, many of us are developing our number formation, learning about one more, one less and language such as least, most and more than. We have also been sequencing our daily routines and have been using special time language to talk about these things. Others of us have been looking at fractions, and equivalent fractions to a half. We have also been adding multiples of 10.



In English, some of the children have been working on the story Het the Vet, focusing on the "et" sound. Others of us have been doing a class write for Handa's Surprise, learning the actions and increasing our vocabulary. We will then be using this to help us with our writing.  

I have been so impressed with Holly Berries this week, they have all been working incredibly hard with everything. Also, lots of children have been doing lots of extra work at home and on Friday afternoon when we had choosing time, lots of the children chose to do extra work and have been showing me all the things they have been learning about, which has been really really fantastic.  

Well done Holly Berries Class, keep it up!!!



HollyBerries currently have some chick eggs which are in an incubator. To help us with literacy, and for our Circle of life cycle topic, we are hatching the eggs so children can see the life cycle of chickens and can use this when writing instructions and information texts. We are looking forward to these hatching, and being able to care for them.


It has been great to have had lots of Hollyberries come to singing club and I am really looking forward to the next 3 weeks rehearsals as we have some practicing to do because we are hopefully going to have a concert to perform this. If you would like to listen to some of these songs at home the link is Vhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/learning/schoolradio/subjects/english/little_red_riding_hood