Welcome to Chestnut Class
Chestnut Class is home to the year 3 and 4 children, Miss Haile (class teacher), Mrs Lyons (class teacher Tuesday afternoon) and Mrs Foster (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

This PDF document contains an overview of the topics to be taught this year. Please note, whilst we try our best to cover as many of the topics as possible sometimes other exciting opportunities crop up that we just can't resist and therefore some of the topics noted on this overview may not happen.

Chestnut Class has PE on a Tuesday afternoon.

Please ensure PE kit is in school at the start of each term.

                                     PE Kit

  • Black shorts/track suit bottoms
  • T.Shirt in your house colour (red, green, blue, yellow)
  • Track suit jacket or jumper (for the cold days)
  • Trainers/daps which must remain in school

Earrings and watches MUST be REMOVED for all PE lessons.

Reading is an essential life skill. At the same time as ensuring our children become confident readers we also encourage children to develop a love of reading.
We always have a class reading book. At the moment we are enjoying the Demon Dentist by David Walliams
Below is a list of phonics games to assist children in developing decoding skills as well as grammar and spelling support:
Phonics play - resources for parents and children
Children are given opportunities to practise their spellings during morning registration everyday. We encourage the use of the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. Spellings are tested Thursdays. Below are the year 3/4 and year 5/6 statutory spelling lists.
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is an important part of the writing process. The children in Maple Class have daily SPaG lessons and at the end of KS2 they will be required to sit a SPaG SATs test. Below is a glossary of punctuation and grammatical terms that children need to understand:
Mathematics, like reading and writing, is an integral part of our lives. We do not set weekly focused maths homework however, like reading, we do encourage daily practice (approx. 10mins) of mathematic skills, such as, learning/practising quick mental recall of times tables and the corresponding division facts, learning the days of the week and months of the year in order together with knowing how many days are in each month, learning measurement equivalents, etc. Please record in the reading record (in the notes section) when mathematic skills have been practised.
Below is a PDF containing the Mathematical Facts children need to learn and also an overview of the mathematics curriculum for each year group.
Hit the button - Great for practising times tables, division facts, numbers bonds and square numbers
This year we are continuing with our Take-Away Menu approach to homework. In addition to daily reading and maths practice, we would like you to spend time completing one activity from the menu per week. The menu is stuck in children's yellow homework book, however, should you misplace the menu find a replacement below:
Our Class Rules
Similes in English
We have been looking at character and setting descriptions. We have been improving our descriptive language by creating similes and adding the power of three.
To help us remember some of the similes, we thought of actions to go with them.
Science - Forces and Magnets
We have just started our unit on Forces and Magnets. We can now describe magnets as having two poles and we can use the terms 'repel' and 'attract' For our first investigations, we have looked at which materials are magnetic and which magnet is the strongest out of the bar and horseshoe magnet.
We have been collecting food to be sent to the Forest Food Bank.
We have been really lucky to have Mr Hoult (a secondary computer science teacher) come in to teach us a bit about computer.
We learned that in order for computers to work, we need to tell them what to do - so they weren't as clever as we first thought they were.
We learned how to make a character move forwards, turn left and right, dodge and strike. We were also able to simplify our code using the repeat button.
As well as this, we also used the 'if' function to tell our character what to do if something happened.
We had a great day and we can't wait to do more!
Golden Time
Every Friday we have golden time that we have to earn during the week for excellent behaviour and effort in class.
We choose the activities that we would like to do. We like to:
  • Use the laptops and tablets
  • Make models out of play dough
  • Use KNEX
  • Use props and take funny photographs
  • Draw and colour 
  • Use watercolours to paint
  • Play board games
Science - Forces and Magnets
As part of this unit of work we have been looking at friction. We have looked at what friction is and how to increase and decrease the amount of friction.
To do this we investigated how different surfaces effect friction.
We used Newton meters to drag our shoes across different surfaces and recorded our results.
We also tried to pick up pasta with chopsticks - if this wasn't hard enough we then spoke about how we could reduce the friction and what effect this would have on our ability to pick up the pasta. We suggested adding water, jelly and oil to reduce the friction. When we added oil it was much harder to pick up the pasta because there was less friction. 
Our history topic is the Romans. We have been really lucky to see and try on a Roman helmet and we have looked at and held a sword. They were both really heavy!
Thank you Charlie for bringing these in!
Making Thumb Pots (After looking at Roman Pots)
For Christmas we made thumb pots. We made sure that the pots were really smooth and big enough to fit a tea light in. Also, we engraved the outside of the pots with cocktail sticks to make Christmas patterns. We wrapped them up and sent them home as presents for our friends and family.
Christmas Jumper Day 2017
Rock Steady
Today we had our Rock Steady workshop. We got to play different instruments and sing some songs. We managed to play the notes E and A on the guitar and keyboard, as well as keeping a beat on the drum. We created a short piece of music and the audience sang along to 'Cheerleader' 
Young Voices 2018
On January 11th 2018 children from years 3-6 went to the Genting Arena to sing as part of the Young Voices choir with over 6000 other children. We have been practising all of the songs and dances since September so it was so nice to be able to perform to such a large audience. 
We are looking forward to doing another concert for our parents after half term.
What a way to start 2018!