W/C 22nd June - School Trip Week

It's School Trip Week! (We Wish!)
It's that time of year when the year 6's would be off on their residential trip and we would normally be going to Techniquest or an outing of some kind. 
Your task is to plan a school trip of your choice. It would be great for it to be linked to a topic like we have studied e.g. Romans, Usain Bolt, Italy (Maybe we could go to Pizza Express and make pizzas or some Roman ruins or the Olympic stadium...)
Equally, it could be a fun filled trip to the zoo!
You will need to think about:
  • Where we are going and how we will get there
  • Do we need to pack anything?
  • Is there a souvenir shop? Do we need to take money? If so, how much are we allowed?
  • What about lunch? Packed lunch or are we being fed?
  • Have a look on their website - how much will it cost for entry? Is there a discount for schools or groups? 
  • Can you draw a map of where we are going - you can definitely make this up!
  • Can you create a leaflet about it describing the activities?
  • Can you create a poster to persuade someone to visit?
  • Could you write a review from a teacher, pupil and parental perspective?
  • Can you label where it is on a map? How long will it take to get from school to the place? (Perhaps you could use Google Maps and tell us how long it would take in hours, minutes or even seconds! Also, how many miles and turn this into kilometres! 
How far can you go?