Foundation Subjects Home Learning Page

Foundation Subjects Page
Welcome to the foundation subjects learning page. Please choose one activity a day of your choice to complete at home. 
Computing - Algorithms
This term we are looking at creating clear instructions to programme. A clear instruction is also called an algorithm. Work through the powerpoint with you home learning helper and have a go at the activities. 
Art - Marvellous Me!
This term in art we are going to be looking at portraits. The first two lessons are going to take you through looking at two different portraits in detail, creating your own portrait from nature, and using a gird to create a portrait of a person 
Amazing Africa!
This term, our Geography work is all about Kenya!
Take a look at the information, link and resources below!
Values - Truthfulness
This term our school value is Truthfulness, listen to song about Truthfulness - what does it mean to be truthful?
Watch our school worship on Truthfulness. In the video, we learn about the story of Daniel.
Once you have finished the story, reflect on the message the story tells us about being truthful and honest. 
While you are doing so, why not have a go at this craft? Post a picture to twitter, or email the class address to share your creation!
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Can you think of a time you have been honest and truthful?
What did you do? Did you feel conflicted?
Write a sentence, and add a picture to illustrate, to explain a time where you showed truthfulness.
Watch the story below The Empty Pot by Demi. How does this story show our value of honesty?
Can you have a go at completing the activities?
In Science this term we are learning about animals and their habitats. Explore the document below with a helper at home and have a go at completing the activities. 
When you have completed an activity, please email: and show me how you have got on! 
Lesson 1
Lesson 2 
Lesson 3 
Watch the video below all about Coral Reef Habitats. You are going to find out about some different ocean animals that make their homes in a coral reef. After listening carefully to the video, can you complete the fact file about one of the animals?
  • What do they eat?
  • Where do they live?
  • Can you find out an interesting fact about them?
If you want to find out more about more ocean animals, have a look at the National Geographic Kids playlist on YouTube. You can learn some exciting facts about some other animals too! Can you find an animal that also lives in a coral reef habitat? Why not complete a fact file about one of your own ocean animal too?
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Lesson 4
This week we are learning about Microhabitats. Take a walk around your local area to see if you can find two different microhabitats. 
Then conduct a survey of the minibeasts you can find!
Year 2 - after engaging in Wednesdays and Thursdays Maths lesson, can you create a pictogram of the minibeasts you have found?
Lessons 5 and 6 
In these last two lessons you have the opportunity to find out about your own world habitat and create a labelled picture all about it. 
We will also learn about dependency and how all life, plants and animals are dependent upon each other to survive within their habitats. 
Marvellous Me - Lesson Two