Holly Berries

Welcome to Holly Berries Class!
Holly Berries is home to 9 Year 1 children and 15 Year 2 children. Miss Haynes (Class Teacher) Mrs Bonser and Mrs Tattersall (Teaching Assistants). We hope you enjoy looking at our page and see what we've been up to!
Year 2 SATS and Phonics Screening
In May 2019 all year 2 pupils will sit a two Reading and two Maths assessments. These are as follows:
  • Reading Paper 1
  • Reading Paper 2
  • Arithmetic Paper 1
  • Reasoning Paper 2
If you would like to help your child by practicing at home, please visit www.satspapers.org.uk where you can view and download previous papers. For more information please do not hesitate to speak to Miss Haynes, or this website has lots of useful information that you can read: https://www.theschoolrun.com/ks1-sats-questions-answered  :) 
Phonics Screening will also take place on second week of June 2019. The children will be asked to read a series of 40 real and 'alien' words. This test puts into practice all of the children's phonics skills and helps to identify children who may need a little more help as they move through KS1. The children will be familiar with the format of the test as we will do lots of practice in school. For more information feel free to speak to Miss Haynes, or visit this website: https://www.theschoolrun.com/year-1-phonics-screening-check.
Past papers can be viewed here http://www.satspapers.org.uk/Page.aspx?TId=21

Reading is an essential skill. We aim, as much as possible, for each child to read with an adult once a week in school, be that on an individual basis, or in a group guided reading session. Please ensure your child is sent with their book and reading record into school every day. Although we ensure to hear children read weekly, we do encourage daily reading practice, no longer than 10 minutes, at home. 
Children receive phonics lessons Monday through Thursday. We follow the 'Song of Sounds' programme where children learn individual sounds and digraphs to song of 'Skip to the loo my darling'. Please see the video below which you can use to practice these at home. 

Mathematics, like reading and writing, is an integral part of our lives. We do not set weekly focused maths homework however, like reading, we do encourage daily practice (approx. 10mins) of mathematic skills, such as, learning/practising quick mental recall of times tables and the corresponding division facts, learning the days of the week and months of the year in order together with knowing how many days are in each month, learning measurement equivalents, etc. Please record in the reading record (in the notes section) when mathematic skills have been practised.
Below is a PDF containing the Mathematical Facts children need to learn and also an overview of the mathematics curriculum for each year group. By the end of KS1, it is expected that children fluently know their 2x, 5x and 10x tables. However this does not mean to say that children should be discouraged from learning other tables, once the initial three are fluent. 

Curriculum Jigsaw
Below are the curriculum jigsaw's for Holly Berries. We run on a two year cycle to ensure that all children are receiving a strong and broad curriculum throughout their time in Holly Berries class. We try to cover as much as we can during this time and to stick to the overview wherever possible. 
PE is taught by Mrs Lyons on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has their P.E. bag with the correct kit ready for this day.
  • Black shorts/track suit bottom
  • T.Shirt in your house colour (red, green, blue, yellow)
  • Track suit jacket or jumper (for the cold days)
  • Trainers/daps which must remain in school 

Home Learning 
Please complete one activity per week. Homework is due by Thursday in order for it to be marked and sent home on Friday. The children will have the chance to share any of their homework activities on a Friday morning. I hope you have lots of fun working through these, 12 completed activities will earn a prize!
Please continue to practice reading at home and spellings for tests on Thursday.
Please see below the current learning log for the Autumn Term. 

We encourage regular practice of weekly spellings. By the end of KS1 it is expected that all children should be able to spell a list of 100 common exception words. It has been found that reading improves when children are spelling more accurately. Please see below the list of common exception words which you can practice at home with your child. 

Formation and fine motor skills are still a very important part of developing writing in KS1. We encourage children to hold their pencil in a tri-grip, with the thumb, index and middle finger arranged round the pencil. We use 'finger spaces' to encourage children to leave spaces between their words using this method of placing a finger on the page. We also encourage children to write cursively and in joined handwriting. Please see below some resources which you may use at home to help your child and their writing skills. 

Teach Handwriting - a good site with information on correct cursive letter formation, correct number formation, pencil grip and printable worksheets. It is expected that by the end of their primary school years, all children should be joining their handwriting fluently. Joined handwriting has been shown to improve spelling and stamina for writing. 
Amazing Me!
In Science year 1 and 2 have been exploring our bodies and all the cool things they do for us. We have been drawing our own ideas of our bodies with chalk. 
A Dragon Invasion!
On Tuesday morning Holly Berries had a very dramatic start to their day. We arrived at school to find that our class had been visited in the night by a dragon. He left a very destructive path before he left, foot prints, a hatched egg, scales and even burnt through some paper breathing fire! 

There were even pictures of the dragon flying around the school in the night! We decided the dragon must be stopped. We worked in groups to design and make traps for the dragon. We thought very carefully about what the trap would need, including how we would keep the dragon alive and entertained in its new home. We shared our ideas and spoke about our finished models with the class.