Holly Leaves

Welcome to Holly Leaves!
 Holly Leaves is home to 14 reception children and 6 Year 1s, Mrs Orchard (Maternity cover teacher), Miss Worgan (HLTA), Mrs Ray (1:1 TA) and Mrs Powell (1:1 TA).

Lockdown Learning January 2021
Hello Holly Leaves. I am so glad we had one day back at school until lockdown began! You are all doing so fantastically so to keep your learning going I will be putting up activities for you to do for your home learning each day. Parents, I know how pressurised home learning can feel so please do what you can but ultimately everyone's happiness is the most important. I'd love it if you could email your work, photos or even videos of activities to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk. If anyone needs any help or support with anything please also email me at the same address. Holly Leaves children I am so proud of you and can't wait to see all the learning you are doing at home.
Mrs Orchard
Friday 22nd January 2021
Happy Friday everyone! How has your week been? You have all been working incredibly hard. Some children have sent me pictures and emails of what they’ve learnt most days this week which has made me very happy. Please keep sending these messages and giving feedback of how I could help your child more. Thank you all parents, brothers, sisters for your support with home learning - it’s a privilege to be working with you and your child/children.
It’s Forest School day today as always so please get outside and enjoy the fresh air and hopefully some sunshine again. 

I would also love it if you could all focus today on your number formation of 6, 7 and 8. I will post a video below to go through this. Keep practising as the more you write them the easier it will become. You could even write them in the mud outside, in chalk or with lots of pebbles/sticks.
If there are any concepts you have found difficult please just email and I will help you. Next week we will all be building on our maths skills further so I want to be sure you have understood everything this week and learnt our sounds in phonics.
To complete our week it is music. I have added a link to our music work below.
Thanks again everyone. Have a fantastic weekend!
Thursday 21st January 2021
Good morning Holly Leaves. I hope everyone is happy and well? We start today with a collective worship where we think about our school value for the term, truthfulness. There is a video link below to watch the story of Jacob and Esau. Once you have watched it I would like you to reflect on a time when you told the truth. How did it make you feel? Can you draw a picture of this moment and write a sentence (or more) about it?
For maths please watch the videos and complete the activities. Reception maths is continuing to build on your knowledge of the numbers 6, 7 and 8 by matching numbers. Year 1 maths is looking at subtraction and parts.
Phonics is all about going back over the sounds or phonemes that we have learnt this week. This should help you to remember them and use them in your reading and writing. I have also included a link to some online phonics games. If you select Phase 2 you will be able to go over all the sounds we learnt up until Christmas. If you choose Phase 3 select all the sounds up until ch if you are given the option.
Literacy today will be our last one of Bat Learns to Dance. As a challenge can an adult video or sound record you telling the story? Next week we will start work on The Three Billy Goats Gruff!
Finally, to complete our day we are going to be thinking about what we look like and drawing our self portrait. Please send pictures of you and your self portrait to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk and keep it as when we are all back in school I would love to put them up on display. 
Have a fabulous day everyone!
Tuesday 19th January 2021
Hello Holly Leaves! How are you? I really hope you are all well and happy?
We start today with a collective worship all about truthfulness, which is our school value for this term.
Following on from that we have maths. Reception children - your maths today is all about the number 7. Please watch the video and complete the domino activity. How many ways can you find to make 7 spots on a domino? I can't wait to see your ideas! Year 1 in maths today we start subtraction or taking away. Please watch the video and complete the worksheet. I'd love to know how you all find this. Is it too easy, too difficult or just right?
In phonics we are learning the qu sound. I have added a link to a video and also for a game of Quick Quack Queen which could be snap or pairs, whichever you choose. The game will give you chance to practise what you have learnt.
Literacy will take you through how to "step" a recycled story and is followed by the story Oi Puppies. I hope you enjoy it.
Finally, our last lesson of today is Festival Fun. Could you create a card to celebrate a festival or draw a picture inspired by what you have learnt.
I'm looking forward to hearing about how you all are and what you learn today. Please email our class hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk. Have a lovely day!
Monday 18th January 2021
Good morning Holly Leaves and your families! I hope you are all keeping well and had enjoyable weekends?
I have added a Wake and Shake for this morning if your child wishes to do it as a wake up! It is another of their favourites in school and hopefully mums, dads, brothers and sisters will enjoy it too.
First lesson of the day today is maths. Reception children have a video to watch and an activity all about exploring the number 6. Year 1 children you are continuing with the unit of work we have been working on and today are learning how to find a part. Please watch the video (it is the final one on the page) and do your best at the activity. It suggests using counters but I know I don’t have a supply of counters at home so Lego or Duplo blocks may help!
In phonics we will be learning the new phonemes or sounds z and zz. I’ve added a link to a video today and would love to know which suits you and your child/children best - the video or the presentation which I was adding.
In Literacy we are continuing with Adam and Panda and our work on Bat Learns to Dance.
This afternoon is PE so try and get outside if you can. Could you practise your underarm throw which you were learning with Jacob? How about a game of catch or trying to throw a ball or bean bag into a hoop or container.
Thanks everyone who sent me pictures of your child’s learning from last week. Please keep sending them along with messages to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk so I can help everyone in Holly Leaves make progress and keep learning despite the challenges that COVID has brought to us all. If you are struggling with home learning please just email and I can help. Look after yourselves. Have a lovely Monday.
Thursday 14th January 2021
Morning Holly Leaves and your families! I hope you are all well? I have a little challenge for you all today. Before I start planning for next week’s learning I would love to hear from you all about how you have found this week’s learning. What are you enjoying? What is easy for you and what are you finding hard? What is useful for you?  How can I make online learning work for you all? Please could you all email me at hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk. I will then use all your feedback when I’m planning for next week. Thanks in advance for this.
Today we will start off with maths and for Reception children, our final day of learning about composition to five. Reception please could you watch the video of how many are hiding? This is a fun one thinking about how you know how many are hiding when you started off with a certain number from 1 to 5. If you want a challenge and to get a place on our Star Board for today how many ways can you find to make five? You could use blocks, dried pasta, even teddies if you have enough! Can you start recording these on paper with a bit of support from an adult, or maybe even by yourself? On the links below is also an adding game.
Year 1 we are nearly through our work on adding, for now, until we start learning about subtracting or taking away next week. Please watch the video on the link below (it is the first video called adding more). For today I have also added a link to the online number bonds to 10 game and also a roll and add game.
Literacy will be lesson 6 of Bat Learns to Dance.
This afternoon for PSHE please watch the video below. It is a lovely story with lots of animals in which I think the children will really enjoy. 

Thanks parents and carers again for all your support with home learning and well done Holly Leaves for all your hard work so far this week. It was lovely receiving emails from you yesterday showing the fabulous work you’ve been doing.
Wednesday 13th January 2021
Bonjour Holly Leaves! How are you all today? I hope you and your families are all keeping well? Mums and dads I just wanted to say thank you so much for the support you are giving your child at home - you are all amazing! I remember from last lockdown in March the dramas and challenges of homeschooling my boys and the work that goes in as a parent, on top of keeping the house tidy, cooking, washing, working......! Everyone’s happiness and well-being is the most important thing. I am here right through the day if there is anything I can do to help you. Please just email hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk.
I have added everything you need for today’s home learning below. Reception - in maths we are going to continue with the learning you have been doing about how numbers to five are made up. Please watch the video and complete the practical activity. Year 1 we are looking at adding today so please watch the video and complete the activity.
Phonics will focus on learning the y phoneme. I have attached below the presentation which also includes activities. There is also a very short video clip.
Literacy will continue with our learning based on the story Bat Learns to Dance.
Lastly for today, this afternoon is art! I have added a link to illustrator Rob Biddulph’s website. He has some fabulous learn to draw videos which I think the children will enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing their drawings.
Thanks once again everyone. As always please could you email pictures of the work your child/children do to the Holly Leaves email address above. Also if your child is struggling with something please let me know so I can help them.
Tuesday 11th January 2021
Happy Tuesday everyone! I was very impressed by the work many of you did at home yesterday - thanks for emailing pictures of it in to me. Please keep sending it in to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk
Today we are starting off with maths. Year one children we are looking at comparing number bonds, showing we understand which is for a bigger number, smaller number and when they are equal. There is a video to watch followed by an activity to complete. As an extra I have added a link to a number bonds to 10 game which will help you to get really good and fast at knowing these.
Reception we are continuing to look at how numbers to five are made up. Please watch the video on the link below and complete the activity. If you don’t have buttons at home you could use Lego or duplo blocks. I have also added a link to a game for you.
In phonics today we will be learning the sound x. I have added the PowerPoint which has activities on it for your child to practise. I have also added links below for phonics videos from the BBC which your child may enjoy!
Literacy will focus on the story Bat Learns to Dance.
Finally, for our Understanding the World learning we will be thinking about what makes us unique.
Have a wonderful day everyone. Please email pictures of your learning today and updates to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk
Monday 11th January 2021

Good morning to all our lovely Holly Leaves children and their families. We hope you are all well and had restful weekends after your first part week of home schooling. It has been fabulous to receive emails from some of you and to speak to some of you on Friday. I am so proud of all of you!
To help you to see what we are learning this week I have added a weekly plan below. There are also links to videos and activities for maths and literacy. 

Reception maths this week will be all about the children understanding the composition of numbers to five. For example, helping them to see five can be split into two as a three and a two. The activities at the end of the video each day will really help them to understand this concept. If your child would like more to do they can practise writing numbers from 0 to 5. As a challenge throughout the week how many ways can your child make five? They could use blocks, toys or dried pasta to help with this. Can they start to record it using numbers? 

Year 1 maths is all about adding and subtracting in 10. Today our focus is number bonds to make 10. There is a video and some activities to do after watching the video. Please don’t worry about the workbook mentioned in the video! To help your child really master these number bonds, which will always be needed in their maths, I have added an optional number bond search activity.
In phonics we will be learning the w phoneme or sound. Please complete the PowerPoint and have a practise at writing it correctly.
Throughout this week in literacy we will be doing more about Bat Learns to Dance.
It is PE this afternoon and this term our focus is throwing and catching. Have a go outside at aiming balls or bean bags into a hoop or bucket. Can you practise catching a large ball and then progress to a small ball?
As always please keep sending me pictures and videos of your work. Many of these pictures can then be added to your child/children’s individual learning journey on Tapestry which we use in school to help them to progress.
Thanks all parents and careers for the work you are doing. Keep in touch - I love hearing from you all and can be contacted during school hours at hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk 
Friday 8th January 2021
Good morning lovely Holly Leaves! We hope you are all doing good and are happy? Remember we love hearing from you on the class email hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk. As you know, every Friday is Forest School day so try and get outside this morning if you can. Thank goodness it’s not quite as cold as yesterday, but still a bit chilly so wrap up warm. Can you see any signs of what season we are in and maybe photograph them, talk about them on a short video clip or draw them when you come inside? Could you find a Stick Man when you are outside? We would love to see your drawings, photographs and videos from your own little Forest School.

Also today I would like you to do some learning on healthy eating. Please watch this Healthy Eating Video. Could you then create a healthy meal? You could draw this, paint it, make it out of play dough or salt dough, or even do a collage. It’s completely up to you. I can’t wait to see your creations later.
To finish up our Friday we always do music. For music today please could you watch and join in with Music - Planting in the Garden

Have fun Holly Leaves and enjoy your weekend!
Thursday 7th January 2021
Good morning to all our Holly Leaves children and your families. How are you? I was so excited to receive emails from some children yesterday showing me all the learning you have been doing at home. Well done everyone! Please keep sending emails and pictures/videos to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk.
As I add activities to this page I will try and add them in the same way we do them at school to keep a familiar routine. The children also love to do a ‘wake and shake’ in the morning so I will add some of their favourites!
Year one maths
Today in maths Year 1 we are going to be thinking about finding number bonds within 10. Please watch the video on the link which is called Find number bonds within 10. Please try the activities but ignore where they talk about turning to pages in the workbook! I would then love it if you could have a go at the number bond game which I have attached below. If you can’t print don’t worry (I know how frustrating printers can be!). Instead choose a number between 1 and 10 and then think of as many different number bonds for this number as possible. For example with 3 you may have 3+0, 2+1, 1+2. If you need it you could use Lego blocks or similar or even dried pasta to help with this. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do later.
Reception maths
Today we are going to continue with learning and understanding about zero. I know you all love to watch the Numberblocks videos to help you understand maths ideas so please watch the Numberblocks - Zero the hero video. Afterwards please could you watch Session 2 on EYFS maths-zero which builds on your learning from yesterday and have a go at the activity. Where will you see zero today? I can’t wait to see your pictures and all the wonderful learning you are going to do.
I loved seeing all your pictures yesterday of your favourite part of Bat Learns to Dance. Well done! We are going to continue today with this story. Please could you watch the video on the link below and then on blank paper create your own story maps as demonstrated in the video. Remember to keep emailing me your work! I love checking the email at lunchtime and seeing your messages.
This week we are learning all about the number 0. Please look at session 1 on this link EYFS maths - zero and have a go at the activity. 
Perhaps you could play a bus game with your toys? Find five toys and a cardboard box (this will be your bus). Write out some number cards from 0 to 5. Can you choose a number and add the correct amount of toys to the bus? Can you recognise all those numbers and the value they represent? What about with zero? How does this make a difference?
Have fun!
Year 1
In Year 1 we have been learning addition and subtraction within 10. Today we are looking at the addition symbol. Please watch the video Addition Symbol and have a go at the activities.
Wednesday 6th January 2021
Good morning Holly Leaves! I hope you and all your families are keeping well? Today in literacy we will be reading the story Bat Learns to Dance. Please could you watch the video (link below) and complete the activity. This is the first in a sequence of lessons. I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures. Can you have a go at writing on them too to explain your favourite part?
In the EYFS, Literacy is defined into two areas; reading and writing.
Children begin writing by mark making and drawing shapes to depict people and objects. Children then develop to draw shapes that represent letters. This development is supported by activities to develop both fine motor control and phonics. To support this children complete a variety activities to strengthen their fine motor skills. These include activities such as dough disco where children move play dough in certain ways alongside the music. We also use tweezers in sorting activities that the children enjoy
We teach phonics through the use of the 'Letters and Sounds' resource.   This enables children to learn the individual sounds and then  use blending techniques in order to read cvc words (e.g. cat, hot, map). Robot talk is a strategy we promote where children speak like a robot to blend words and go quicker to be able to read the word. Early reading alongside questioning on stories is really important at this year in order to scaffold learning later on. Below is a list of ideas to support reading with your child.
Phonics - Actions
At school children explore one sound at a time and learn it through actions. Below is the action mat that we follow. Please go over these actions during free time so that the children remember their phonics. 
Letter Formation 
In Holly Leaves, we follow a phonics scheme. Children have been looking at individual sounds and learning how to form the letter correctly. Below is a letter formation mat that we use alongside the rhyme. We encourage the children to not take the pencil off the paper to write the letter in one go (rather than adding flicks). 
Holly Leaves have PE on Monday, taught by Pro Stars. Children are required to come into school in their PE on Mondays. Ensure this is weather appropriate and they are wearing jogging bottoms/jumpers as they will be completing lessons outdoors as much as possible
Online games - Maths 
There are a variety of games available for children to access on the internet. I have attached a few websites below which children can explore to learn different skills. 
In EYFS, children learn about two areas of Mathematics:
Shape, space and measure
For children to achieve the early learning goal (ELG) for number, they must:
"Count reliably with number from one to twenty, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number. Using quantities and objects, they add and subtract two single digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer. They solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing." - taken from Development matters.
Shape Space and measure
For children to achieve the ELG for this area, they must:
"Use everyday language to talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems. They recognise, create and describe patterns. They explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them." - taken from Development Matters.
In Holly Leaves, we ensure children have the opportunity to explore their learning through practical activities to develop their understanding. Children complete a carousel of activities through the week where they complete activities in small groups which can be independent or adult led.

EYFS Playground Improvements

We’ve made some exciting new developments to our EYFS outdoor learning environment with the addition of innovative resources.

We now have a fantastic selection of messy play equipment to encourage investigative learning, teamwork and sensory development.

For example, our new Mud Box and Potting Table encourages children to take an interest in the natural world and plant life cycle as science is brought life outside.

The Giant Playhouse is another fantastic addition to our outdoor area. The children can use the playhouse as a focal point for their games as they transform this wonderful resource into pretend shops, travel agents and restaurants!

For this project, we worked with Pentagon Play who design and install outdoor learning environments for schools and nurseries.

You can visit their website here – www.pentagonplay.co.uk

Forest School
Every Friday, Holly Leaves have forest school. We love learning outside and have completed a range of activities. These include using tools, digging, painting with mud, climbing the tree, making bug hotels, searching for minibeasts and tracks of different animals.
The children love to learn in variety of ways and thoroughly enjoy the opportunities forest school provides. Children particularly enjoy using tools safely. They have been able to saw wood and using hammers.