Holly Leaves Home Learning w/c 1st February

Hi everyone and welcome to week five of home schooling! You are all doing fantastically. Mums and Dads I have experienced home learning too so know how challenging it can be to motivate your child. Please don't worry. For me the most important things are everyone's mental health and wellbeing. So it seems fitting that this week is Children's Mental Health Week. My aim as their teacher is for all the children to be able to deal with the various emotions that we all feel. I have set up a page of ideas to help support children's mental health during these tricky times and beyond which you can find here. I will be adding to this page. During our mindfulness time in the afternoons this week please choose something to do either from this page or something else similar.
Remember to email me at our class email address hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk with pictures, messages, videos of the activities your child is doing. It really helps to have daily or every other day updates so I can tweak the learning if need be. However, I need to please hear from everyone at least once a week.
Thanks, as always, for all your support. Have a fabulous week. 
Friday 5th February 2021
Morning everyone and happy Friday! First of all I am so sorry that our web page completely disappeared yesterday. I added everything the night before and first thing in the morning, then went to add a picture of an activity when I got to school, only for most of the page to completely vanish! After a moment of complete panic and tears I contacted some very clever IT people who managed to rescue the page for me. I am incredibly grateful to them! Sorry again everyone. I hope you all had fabulous (and much better!) days?
This morning is Forest School. If you can, please get outside and enjoy it. I have added a link below to the RSPB Family Wild Challenge which you may be interested in signing up to.
For music this afternoon I have added part 2 of Jack and the Beanstalk. Alternatively, please share your favourite music with your child and have fun with it!
Have a lovely day everyone and a fabulous weekend. Please keep sending pictures and videos of your learning to our Holly Leaves email. If your child has found anything tricky this week please let me know so I can help them.
Thursday 4th February 2021
Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well? Parents I just wanted to say how grateful I am for all the support you are giving your children with their home learning. Thank you! I am so proud of all the children! The work I am receiving from you is wonderful.
Today we start with a collective worship. Can you remember what our value is for this term? Please watch the collective worship. Can you think of a time in the last week when you have been truthful? If so can you draw it and maybe even write about it? I have also attached a truth stained glass window colouring.
Reception maths today is learning the order of the numbers to ten. Please watch the video and do the activity to put the numbers in order. How easy is this for you to do?
Year 1, in maths we are doing about sorting 3D shapes. Please watch the video and then either complete the worksheet or do the activity which I have pictured. For this parents please collect up a range of items that are cubes, cuboids, spheres and cylinders. Encourage your child to sort them into collections of each shape. How do they know it is a certain 3D shape.
We are continuing to focus on ai in phonics. I have added a video below to Geraldine the Giraffe and an ai writing practise activity.
Finally, in literacy we are continuing with The Three Billy Goats Gruff, or is it The Three Frilly Goats Gruff?!
This afternoon please focus on nothing else but mental health and well-being. Try out some of the ideas on our Holly Leaves Happy Minds page. You could also make a happiness jar which you decorate and fill with pictures of things that make you happy.
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Wednesday 3rd February 2021
Hello everyone! Hope you and your families are all keeping well? Do any of you have any requests for class stories  for me to read? Any favourites you would really enjoy? If so please email our class email and I will do all I can to find the book requested.
Reception maths today is continuing our learning about nine and ten and looking at representing these numbers. There is an activity for you to first of all sort some pictures into two columns - one for nine and one for ten. Then can you design your own cards to represent these numbers?
Year 1, today is our first lesson on shape. Please have a play at the 2D (flat shape) game first of all to warm up. Next, please watch the video. Finally I would love you to go on a shape hunt looking for 3D shapes in your environment. Can you find me at least two items for each shape? Please email pictures of you on your shape hunt and your final piece of work to our Holly Leaves email address.
In phonics we are going to continue our learning on the ai digraph. Today please play a phonics game which I have linked to below. Many of the games allow you to select the sounds so choose the phase 3 and ai so you will be able to put into practise what you have learnt. I am also in the process of setting up Teach Monster to Read accounts for each child. If you haven’t received one yet for your child and they are super keen to play please just email the class email putting Teach Monster to Read in the subject line. I will then send it over ASAP!
Literacy is all about us telling our recycled story. 

Finally, this afternoon is for mindfulness activities or anything to help your child’s mental health. I have linked to our class page of resources to support mental health at the top of the page. I really hope these are useful. For this afternoon I have also added a Book Talk and the story of Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. Over the week please complete at least two activities of your choice from the sheet. I was sent some really fabulous work last week relating to the story Ruby’s Worry so can’t wait to see what you produce.
Enjoy your day and have fun with your learning.
Tuesday 2nd February 2021
Hello everyone! I hope you are all OK? How did you all get on with the learning we did yesterday? I was really pleased to receive all the pieces of work you did yesterday. Thank you everyone. Please keep sending me your child’s work on our class email address hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk

Reception will start learning today about the numbers nine and ten. The video for this is below and there is an activity to identify and colouring in all the pictures that represent 9 in one colour of your choice and 10 in another colour. 

Year 1 we are starting a new maths topic for shape today. I love this topic! To get us started I have attached a pre learning quiz. Parents, please encourage your child to complete this independently, although you can read the questions and words to them. Please then email it to me and I will add it to their maths books. This quiz will help me plan the maths topic to suit the needs of the group. Thank you.
In phonics I have decided we are going to spend longer on each sound to give lots of time to practise each one before moving on. Today is continuing our learning on ai. I have also added an activity to give your child/children chance to practise their reading of words containing ai. 
Literacy is all about starting to recycle The Three Billy Goats Gruff to make a new version. Have fun with this!
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Monday 1st February 2021
Good morning Holly Leaves! I hope you had lovely weekends? Hopefully we will be seeing many of you on our Zoom at 11am today. Everyone should have received an invitation and joining details on Friday afternoon.
Reception maths today is looking at combining numbers through counting the dots on a dice. You then get to play the game yourselves!
Year 1 maths is our end of unit quiz. Parents please try not to help your child with the maths on this although it is absolutely fine to read them the questions. This helps me to know how much has been learnt and any areas I need to help them with. You may want to break it up throughout the day. Please could you email pictures to the address above so I can print them off and add to maths books? Tomorrow we are beginning to learn about shapes.
In phonics we will be learning the ai sound. After there is a phonics game to play.
Literacy continues with The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Today we will be practising telling the story independently.
Monday afternoons are PE. I have added a PE challenge sheet which has lots of fun activities to keep active. Complete as many as you wish today and whenever you feel like being active.
Have a fun day Holly Leaves!