Holly Leaves Home Learning w/c 1st March

Welcome to Holly Leaves!
Holly Leaves is home to 14 reception children and 6 Year 1s, Mrs Orchard (class teacher maternity cover), Miss Worgan (HLTA), Mrs Ray (1:1 TA) and Mrs Powell (1:1 TA).
Friday 5th March 2021
Hello Holly Leaves. Happy Friday! It’s our last day of home learning!
It is, of course, Forest School day so please enjoy the outdoors if you can. I have added the link again to the RSPB Wild Challenge in case you would like to sign up as a family. We will be working towards the school challenge in school. Have fun outside! Miss Worgan, Mrs Powell, Mrs Ray and I would love to know what adventures you go on.
To complete the day is music. I have added a link to what will hopefully be your last home learning video! :)) If you would like a screen free day for your child enjoy some music together at home. Think about tempo, or how fast a piece of music is. How does it make you feel? What instruments do you recognise?

We are incredibly excited to welcome you back to school on Monday. Please come wearing your PE kit as we will have PE with Jacob in the afternoon. Children, we are very proud of you for all your hard work, effort and perseverance. Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents - I am thankful for all the support you have given to your child/children’s home learning and know what a rollercoaster it can be so thank you all! Have a fabulous weekend.
Thursday 4th March 2021
Good morning Holly Leaves! Today is World Book Day so is all about enjoying some fabulous books. On our Zoom call at 11.30am (you should all have the invitation and link in your emails) you will all be able to share your amazing World Book Day potatoes. I will also read a story - I will have two books with me and will ask you to vote for the one you would like me to read, just like we do in class. 

Reception children, your maths today is all about pattern. For your activity can you create your own patterns? You could draw an outline of a snake on some paper and add the pattern with colour or you could even use Lego blocks. You could also create it outdoors with things like twigs and pebbles.
Year 1 children, our maths today is all about comparing groups. Which has the greater amount and which has the smallest amount? There is a video and then an activity to complete.
I have added a World Book Day Bingo sheet. How many things on here can you complete over the next two days? Have fun looking at books and enjoying them. I have also added a link to the online stories read by famous people as there is a good range of books to enjoy here. If you find any new favourite books please let me know about them! For World Book Day please share your pictures on the class email letting me know if you are happy for them to be shared on the school Twitter account, or you could Tweet them to our school Twitter.
Finally for today our PSHE (personal, social and health education) is all about Community Heroes.
Have a wonderful day and hopefully I will see you on Zoom later.
Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Hello Holly Leaves! I hope you and your families are all well? I have received some lovely pictures of activities and writing you have done over the past few days. Amazing Holly Leaves! Thank you to everyone who has sent pictures.

Reception children, you are continuing with learning about 3D shapes today, this time you are learning more through using them to print. You could use play dough/salt dough or paint for this exploration. Please watch the video and enjoy finding out more about 3D shapes through the activity.
Year 1 children, we are looking at one more and one less than numbers to 20 today. I have added a short video for you to watch and an activity.
In phonics we are going to do further learning about oa and also look at our tricky words today. I know I had planned to learn oo today but I think some children need more time on oa so I will teach oo next week! :) Today I have added a Geraldine the Giraffe video and the Tricky Words Song. Parents/grandparents I apologise for this very catchy song which may stay in your head a while. The children usually love it and it helps with reading and writing their tricky words! I have also added an oa reading activity.
In Literacy we will be writing a short sentence with an adjective. Try your best at this using all the fantastic phonics knowledge you have.
Lastly for today, this afternoon we will be making our World Book Day potato creations of our favourite book character. I have booked a Zoom (invite to be sent out later) for tomorrow at 11.30am to share our creations. If you don’t have a potato do not panic. Your child could create a poster of their favourite book character. I am very excited to see these!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone. Please keep emailing our class email with pictures of activities and feedback on how your child/children have found activities.
Tuesday 2nd March 2021
Hello everyone! I hope you and your families are all OK? 

We start today with a collective worship about the school value we are learning about this term - forgiveness.
Next we have maths. Reception children, you are continuing looking at 3D shapes. For your activity, please could you find some examples of each 3D shape we have learnt about and then sort them into groups? Please send me pictures of you doing this and of your final groups.
Year 1 children, we are learning more about tens and ones today to make sure it is really clear to us what numbers from 11 to 20 represent. For example, 12 is one ten and two ones which is represented in the numeral 12.  There is a short video to watch, followed by an activity. Please email in your completed activities.
In phonics we are looking again at the oa sound which we learnt yesterday. There is an activity to complete please.
Literacy is almost our last day of The Gingerbread Man and today we will be labelling characters. Please do your best at this and use all the phonics you know to help you with this. I am really looking forward to seeing your work for this. Please email it in to the Holly Leaves email.
Finally this afternoon’s activity is making gingerbread men/women. You may have the ingredients to bake them with support from a grown up. Alternatively, if you don’t have the ingredients you could create one in the garden, out of salt dough, by collage or drawing. Please send me pictures of you and your gingerbread person.
In preparation for our World Book Day event I have also added details of the World Book Day potato. I have planned these will be made tomorrow afternoon but wanted your child/children to have time to think about who they want to create first!
I hope you all have fabulous days. I am counting down until we are all back in school!
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Monday 1st March 2021
Good morning everyone. Welcome to our last week of home learning! We are really excited to see you all next Monday! We have our class Zoom catch-up this morning at 11am. It would be brilliant to see you all.
Today we will start with maths. Reception, you are moving on to learn about 3D shapes this week. Today we are looking at building with 3D shapes. If you have any blocks or bricks at home you may want to have a go at building with them too. As your activity we are putting 3D shapes on a ramp. With an adult gather some cylinders, cuboidal, cylinders, cones and pyramids. Does a particular shape roll or slide down the ramp?

Year 1, we are continuing to look at place value to 20 and today at tens and ones. There is a video to watch and an activity to complete.
In phonics we are learning oa today. Please watch the video on the link below.
Literacy is continuing our learning based on The Gingerbread Man. Today you will also be singing Humpty Dumpty and exploring description through the use of song.
Monday afternoons are all about PE so enjoy getting active. Hopefully the sun will be shining again today so you can have fun outside. I have attached the PE challenge which gives some ideas.
Have a lovely Monday everyone. Please keep sending pictures of activities and updates on how you are doing to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk