Holly Leaves Home Learning w/c 22nd February

Welcome to Holly Leaves!
Holly Leaves is home to 14 reception children and 6 Year 1s, Mrs Orchard (class teacher maternity cover), Miss Worgan (HLTA), Mrs Ray (1:1 TA) and Mrs Powell (1:1 TA).
Friday 26th February 2021
Happy Friday everyone! Only one week to go of home learning until we see you all again. We can’t wait to see you all!
I am hoping today is going to be a beautiful day. As it’s Forest school day please get outside if you can and enjoy it. You may be able to spot all the shapes we have been learning about on your walks or be able to create them in the garden with twigs or stones. I have also added the link if you are interested in signing up for the RSPB Wild Challenge for Families.
Additionally for today I have added a link to a video for music. However, as an alternative, if you would like a screen free day please play And enjoy some of your favourite music. Encourage your child to think about the rhythm and the pitch and what instruments they can hear. Can they clap out the rhythm? Have fun with this!
I have added a link for you to use any time. It links through to a huge range of stories being read by famous people, including their authors and illustrators. There are some really lovely stories on here. I hope you find it useful.
Have a brilliant day everyone and a wonderful weekend.
Thursday 25th February 2021
Good morning Holly Leaves. How are you all? 

Reception children, our maths today is looking for shapes around us. There is a video to watch first then I would like you to go on a shape hunt, either around the house or maybe during your walk today. Can you find at least two things of each shape we have learnt about - square, rectangle, circle and triangle?
Year 1, your maths today will be looking at identifying numbers to 20. Please watch the video, complete the accompanying activities and the online quiz. With the quiz, if you can send me the link for your completed quiz please that would be amazing. 

Phonics today is going back over to make sure we really remember the ee and igh sounds. There are two very short Geraldine the Giraffe videos which look at these sounds and I have also added links to some online phonics games. With these choose Phase 3 up to the igh sound please.
Literacy is continuing with our block of learning on The Gingerbread Man.
Finally, this afternoon for our Understanding the World area of learning we will be learning about baby animals on the farm.
I hope you have a really lovely day. Please email pictures of activities and work completed to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk and most importantly, please let me know how you all are, even if it’s just a short email!
Wednesday 24th February 2021
Good morning Holly Leaves! Thank you to everyone who joined the Zoom call yesterday. It was fabulous to see you all looking so smiley! I can’t wait until everyone is back in school.
Reception maths today is moving on to looking at squares and rectangles and there is a shape sorting activity to practise what you have learnt.
Year 1 maths is slightly different today as I am using some different videos which I hope you enjoy. Today you are going to be looking at numbers from one to nineteen. Please watch the video and complete the activity which is after the video. At the end please could you complete the online quiz. At the end of the online quiz there is an option to get a link to your quiz to send to me. Please could you email this to me at the Holly Leaves email address?
Phonics today is looking at our first trigraph (three letters that make one sound) igh. Please watch the video and then have a practise at writing this. Can you rainbow write it, going over it in lots of colours? Can you make it out of stones or sticks outside?
Literacy is day 2 of The Gingerbread Man. Today is story mapping day which I know many of you really enjoy! I am really looking forward to seeing your story maps.
This afternoon is art and we will be looking at the work of Kandinsky and his paintings of shapes. I have added a link to a short Mister Maker video about Kandinsky and his art. Can you paint or draw your own shape inspired picture like Kandinsky? Can you have fun with paint colours to create your own circles painting? As an alternative to this there is a shape cutting activity. Can you cut out the shapes as neatly as possible and create a picture with them? 

Please email pictures of all the fabulous work you have done to hollyleaves@littledean.sch.uk. Have a wonderful day everyone.
Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Welcome back to home learning everyone! I hope you and your families are well? We have our class Zoom catch up at 11am today. I have sent the link over on email. It would be so good to see you all.

We will start the day with maths. We are starting new maths topics today which is always exciting! Reception we are going to be looking at 2D (flat) shapes for the next few days, getting really good at identifying these before we move on to 3D shapes. Today we will be learning about circles and triangles. There is a video to watch and a shape sorting activity please.
Year 1 we are also starting a new topic about place value up to 20. There is a pre learning quiz for today. Please complete this independently (a parent/Grandparent/sibling can read you the questions) and email in to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk. I will add this to your maths books. This is really useful to see the areas of maths we need to concentrate on and to show your learning during the topic so please try and complete this.
In phonics we are learning the ee sound or digraph today. Please watch the video and practise writing it. Can you think of lots of words which contain the ee sound? 

Literacy today is starting a unit of work on The Gingerbread Man which I know many of you really enjoy. Have fun with this!
Lastly for today, PSHE is thinking about the caring communities in which we live.
Please send pictures of your work and activities to our Holly Leaves email address.
Have a fabulous day everyone!