Holly Leaves Home Learning w/c 25th January

Welcome to Holly Leaves!
Holly Leaves is home to 14 reception children and 6 Year 1s, Mrs Orchard (Maternity cover teacher), Miss Worgan (HLTA), Mrs Ray (1:1 TA) and Mrs Powell (1:1 TA).
Thursday 28th January 2021
Good morning everyone! I hope you are all well and happy? You are all nearly through your fourth week of home learning - amazing everyone. 

In maths Reception are looking at day 2 of combining two amounts. As your activity today please play a game of dominoes. If you don’t have any at home there are some below the video. Can you count the number of spots on each side of the dominoes and altogether? Year 1, your maths is about comparing addition and subtraction number sentences. Which is greater? Are they equal? Which is smaller? 

Phonics is going back over the sounds we have learnt this week to help you to get them into your head. This is followed by literacy where we will continue with our work on The Three Billy Goats Gruff, this time miming the story.
The children have been loving The Three Billy Goats Gruff, particularly acting out the troll scene! For this reason I’ve changed this afternoon’s activity to troll mask making. Could your child create their own troll mask? Or maybe for a billy goat if they don’t like the troll? It would be amazing if you could email a picture of your child with their mask on please - I will then create a gallery of their pictures on our class celebration page.
Have a wonderful day everyone and enjoy the sunshine!
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Wednesday 27th January 2021
Hola Holly Leaves! How are you all? I received so many pictures of your excellent work on our class email yesterday. So many of you were practising your th sound, both reading and writing, and your tricky words too. Someone looked like they were having a wonderful time learning their tricky words with paper plates. I am so impressed Holly Leaves at how you are keeping going and persevering. We will not let lockdown stop you being fantastic! Keep it up. I am so proud of you all.
As usual, maths is our first subject today. Reception, you are looking at combining two groups, how many are in each group and how many do you have when the groups are combined? Year 1, we are continuing with subtraction  and today are looking at finding the difference. Please watch the first video about finding the difference and complete the activity. It may help you to use Lego or Duplo for this.
In phonics we are all learning the th sound today. 

Literacy is day 3 of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and today we are going to be stepping the story which will help us to really get to know it. 

Finally, for today I have added the story of Ruby’s Worry and Book Talk 1 which has lots of activities for you to choose from. Please choose at least 2 activities to do up until Friday, more if you are inspired! This afternoon is art afternoon so you may wish to do one of the Book Talk activities as part of this or something inspired by our school value of truthfulness. It is completely up to you.
Have a fabulous day! We can’t wait to see all your lovely work. As always, please keep sending pictures and messages to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.such.uk.
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Tuesday 26th January 2021
Hello Holly Leaves! I hope you and your families are all keeping well? It was great to see many of you on our Monday morning Zoom call yesterday and I am hoping it will become a regular catch up. I also spoke to many families yesterday on the phone - it was lovely to speak to you all. Hopefully, next week there will be even more of your friends on our Zoom call. I’d welcome your parents’ thoughts and feedback on this - is 10am on a Monday the best time? Did your child find it useful? Remember I’m here and I check the hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk email regularly so please email feedback, pictures of work and activities.
We start today with a collective worship about our Christian value for the term. Can you remember what it is? As your activity please could you think about a time when you were truthful or honest and draw it? Can you add a sentence too? What did you do? How did you feel?
Maths is next. Year 1 we are looking at subtraction using a number line. Please send me a copy of the completed worksheet so I can see how you are getting on and help if needed. Reception, in maths you are looking at pairs. For your activity, which I have also attached below, please go for a walk, get outside in the garden or look around the house for things which interest you for the task.
In phonics today is all about learning the th sound. Please watch the video below. I have also attached a th activity which will help you to learn this digraph (one sound from two letters or graphemes in phonics talk).
Last up for the morning is our literacy work on The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Today we will be creating our story maps.
Finally, this afternoon’s PSHE  (Personal, Social and Health Education) is about the clothes people wear around the world. 

Have a fantastic day everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing all the work you are doing. Miss Worgan, Mrs Powell and I love checking the Holly Leaves email at lunchtime and seeing your messages and pictures. 
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Monday 25th January 2021
Hello everyone! Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the snow! In celebration of all the work that has been done I have created a virtual Star Board gallery. You can see lots of the work that everyone has been doing at home and see your friends. I hope you enjoy looking at it.
We will start the day with a wake and shake - this one always makes the children laugh!
In maths today Reception will be looking at building on their knowledge of 6, 7 and 8 through matching. Year 1 you will be looking at fact families. Please could you complete the activity and send me a picture of it so I can see how you are finding it?
Phonics is all about learning the sh sound. Can you practise writing it?
The Three Billy Goats Gruff is our new story for literacy. We will be getting to know the story really well over the next week before we ‘recycle’ the story and create our own versions. Today we will be looking at how stories often have a problem in them.
It is PE this afternoon so please get outside if you can. We have been doing all about throwing and catching skills so could you play a game of catch with a family member or practise getting a ball in a bucket? Alternatively, if you need something inside or more calming how about trying Cosmic Kids Yoga. I have added a link below.
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