Holly Leaves Home Learning w/c 8th February

Welcome to Holly Leaves!
Holly Leaves is home to 14 reception children and 6 Year 1s, Mrs Orchard (class teacher maternity cover), Miss Worgan (HLTA), Mrs Ray (1:1 TA) and Mrs Powell (1:1 TA).
Friday 12th February 2021
Good morning everyone and happy Friday! You have reached the end of Week 6 of homeschooling. Parents/Grandparents/siblings thank you for all the support you have given your child as they have embarked on home learning over the last six weeks. I am incredibly grateful to you all for your support and the work done. Holly Leaves I am so proud of you all.
Today is all about Forest School and Chinese New Year. For Forest school please get outside (if you can bear the cold!). You may be interested in signing up for the RSPB Wild Challenge or in completing an activity towards it. I have added the link below.
This afternoon we will be thinking about Chinese New Year and learning all about it. I have added a link to an interactive page which has lots of links to find out more. Just click on the stars and learn all about Chinese New Year. In addition if you can put your name in on Google Translate you can translate it from English to Chinese and learn how to say your name in Chinese. Can you write the Chinese version and say it? I would love to see your writing and hear what your name is! Alternatively or in addition you may be interested in what animal in the Chinese Zodiac it was when you were born. Can you find anything out about the animal? 

Please email your photos, recordings, completed activities as always to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk

Have a fabulous day everyone and a restful and enjoyable half term.
Thursday 11th February 2021
Morning Holly Leaves! I hope you all had a good day yesterday? We are nearly through week 6 of home learning! One last day of learning today before Forest School and learning about Chinese New Year tomorrow.
To begin today we have a collective worship on our school value for the term. Can you remember what our school value is?
Maths for Reception today is all about measuring time - this is a fun topic and I hope you enjoy it. There is a short video about it and then a practical activity. If you do write down what you do and numbers etc please email it to the class email so I can add it to your Tapestry learning journal.

Year 1, we have now come to the end, for now, of our shape topic. So I have added an end of topic quiz which will show me the learning that has gone on and any areas where we may need to put in more time. Parents please encourage your child to complete this independently, however you can read them the questions. Please could you then email to the Holly Leaves email address?

In phonics today we catch up with Geraldine the Giraffe again and there is an activity too. For the activity please cut the boxes of letters at the bottom of the page out and arrange, then stick to make the words to describe the pictures.
Finally for today we have our second and final “outing” to the Cheltenham Literature Festival. This time we meet the author and illustrator Oliver Jeffers. He will be reading some of his stories, drawing pictures and talking about what inspired him. Afterwards you may be inspired yourself to write your own mini book as Oliver demonstrates. I would love to see the stories you create.
Have super days everyone.
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Wednesday 10th February 2021
Good morning! How is everyone today? 

Our first learning of today is in maths. Reception, you are going to be going back over the days of the week. I have added a link to the story Jasper’s Beanstalk to watch first please. This then links with the video for Reception maths for today. There is then an activity to complete please. We are aiming ultimately for the children to know the days of the week and be able to say what day is tomorrow and yesterday.
Year 1, maths today is your final lesson on shape for now and is all about patterns with 2D and 3D shape. There is a video and an activity to follow this please.
For phonics today I have added the link to the game Picnic on Pluto. If you select phase 3 and th it will be good practise at reading using all the sounds learnt up until th.
Literacy is a nice and relaxing lesson as today I would love it if you could use the time to enjoy reading or looking through some books. Parents there are some e reading books on Oxford Owl if you sign up for free. Holly Leaves are on lilac and pink books. If your child seems to be finding the level they are reading too easy please let me know.
This afternoon we will enjoy a talk and draw-along from the Cheltenham Literature Festival with the illustrator of Clean up! and Look Up! Dapo Adeola. I have also recorded the story of Clean up! for everyone to enjoy.
I am really looking forward to seeing your work today, as I do everyday. Please keep sending it to our class email hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk. Thanks everyone, have a fantastic day!
Tuesday 9th February 2021
Hello Holly Leaves and your families! I hope everyone is well? It was lovely to see so many of you yesterday on our Zoom call sharing your favourite books. Thank you and well done to all of you.
Today is Internet Safety Day so for this afternoon I have recorded a video about how to stay safe online based around the story of Smartie the Penguin. I hope you find this useful. Afterwards I would love it if you could complete the activity by writing an Internet safety tip in the speech bubble and colouring in Smartie. See if you can use all your phonics knowledge to write some or all of the words independently. I am really excited to see your work!
We will start the day with maths. Reception you are learning about comparing length today. There is a short video to watch and an activity. Parents/grandparents/brothers/sisters the activity involves play dough. I have added a recipe link for salt dough. Alternatively you could improvise on this activity with your child gathering sticks in the garden and comparing their length.
Year 1 we are continuing with shape today and are looking at sorting our 2D shapes. There is a short video and an activity to complete please.
In phonics we are continuing to build on your learning of the th digraph. Today there is a short recorded reading activity led by me followed by an activity where you need to read the word and then select the correct picture.
Literacy is our final day of The Three Frilly Goats Gruff. I would love to hear your stories!
Enjoy your day everyone and please email completed work to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk. Thanks everyone who sent me work yesterday - I am very impressed. You are superstars.
Monday 8th February 2021
Good morning everyone! Welcome to week 6 of home learning.
Today will start with a collective worship which is a beautiful story called The Empty Pot. It’s a really lovely story which I must admit I had not come across before. Once you have watched the story there is an activity sheet to complete. The first page of this looks at drawing the beginning, middle and the end of the story. The second page is a flower for you to think about what honesty or truthfulness means and what you could do to be honest. I am really looking forward to seeing your completed work on this.
Reception, in maths this week we are going to be looking at measurement, beginning today with comparing height. There is a video to watch and an activity with a dice and blocks to complete. Year 1 in your maths you are continuing the topic of shape and today is all about 2D, or flat shapes. Once again please watch the short video and complete the activity.
Phonics is looking again at the th sound as some children found this more difficult. There is a video and an activity sheet. With the video I have recorded it and it seems my home internet cannot cope with animations on the PowerPoint and me talking so I go into what sounds like Billy Goat mode (too much Billy Goats Gruff?!). The children in school found this really funny with the phonics video last Monday! It is only small sections of the video though so hopefully you can hear it OK.
Literacy is the penultimate day of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. Enjoy miming the recycled story!

Lastly, this afternoon is PE so please continue with the PE challenge.
Today at 11am is our weekly class catch up Zoom call and this week children are encouraged to bring their favourite book along to talk about. I’m looking forward to seeing you all.
Please keep sending pictures of completed work and activities to hollyleaves@littledean.gloucs.sch.uk. Thank you everyone. Have a super last week before half term!