Remote Learning W/C 18th January

This week's timetable is the same. This week we will finish our science unit on adaptation. Next week we can look forward to some coding in the afternoons.
Hi Chestnut Class!
Welcome to week four of remote learning.
Find below your work for this week.
Don't forget - Tuesdays are different in school so make sure you look at the heading 'Tuesday' :) 
Check for Friday's afternoon work too... it's golden time! :) Hopefully Friday afternoons will be a time where we can all have a bit of fun. Lots of opportunities for great photographs to show your friends.
In addition to the maths, English and afternoon session, please keep practising your times tables.
Practise your times tables daily (Choose your times table sheet from the main remote learning page) Try to give yourself a 5 minutes time cap like we have in class to see how many you can do. Afterwards, get an adult to mark it for you OR use a calculator. Once you have got all of them correct 3 times you are ready to move onto the next challenge. Please email me if you cannot remember which sheet you need or if you are ready to move on.
It would be good to do this on paper 3 times a week. The other two days, you could use a computer or tablet to practise your times tables using the games below.
If you would like to send in any work you have done or pictures of you doing some of the activities, please do! It would be lovely for everyone to see what we are all up to.
Look at the stories below, who was brave and showed truthfulness? 
Why may it have been tricky to be honest in these stories?
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New Topic - We are going to look at statistics which means putting information into a graph.
Our science lessons this week will continue from last week on adaptation.
Tuesdays are different in school to any other day and they can still be different at home too.
Today's Line Up:
Handwriting/Spelling practise for 20 minutes (see main remote learning page for booklets you can follow)
Look at the resources that have been sent to you. 

Your Task: We know that Hindu gods and goddesses present different aspects of the supreme God, Brahman.

Create a collage (lots of pictures stuck together) to show aspects of your personality.

You should include pictures that show:

  •         What you like doing
  •         What your character is like
  •         What you might wear for different occasions or activities that are important to you
  •         What objects are precious to you
  •         How are you seen by others?
For this task you are required to make a video.
You do not have to be filmed - you could record your voice or write yourself a script as if you were going to perform.
You could think about:
  • Team captains in sports teams
  • Your role in the classroom at school - First aid kit, water bottles, giving out specific items
  • Responsibilities outside of school - looking after someone, helping siblings with homework, looking after your pets
  • If you can't think of one, perhaps think ahead to Maple class and being on the school council or a house captain, what would you be responsible for then?
One of the topics we would be looking at this term in P.E. is rugby.
Below are some activities you could do to begin to develop your rugby skills. 
You can use any ball that you have available at home.
For grammar this week, we are going to look at homophones.
These are words that sound the same but they are spelt differently because they mean different things.
Lessons 2-4 go over different types of synonyms. You don't need to do the test but the activities at the start of the video are good. There are some fill in the gap activities below.
English - BFG Focus
Golden Time
Finally, it's Friday again!
This week Chestnut Class have decided on a construction challenge linked to our science topic.
Your challenge is to use LEGO, Knex, duplo, junk model materials or anything else you can think of to construct an animal or animals of your choice.