Remote Learning W/C 1st February

Hi Chestnut Class!
Welcome to week four of remote learning.
Find below your work for this week.
Don't forget - Tuesdays are different in school so make sure you look at the heading 'Tuesday' :) 
Check for Friday's afternoon work too... it's golden time! :) Hopefully Friday afternoons will be a time where we can all have a bit of fun. Lots of opportunities for great photographs to show your friends.
In addition to the maths, English and afternoon session, please keep practising your times tables.
Practise your times tables daily (Choose your times table sheet from the main remote learning page) Try to give yourself a 5 minutes time cap like we have in class to see how many you can do. Afterwards, get an adult to mark it for you OR use a calculator. Once you have got all of them correct 3 times you are ready to move onto the next challenge. Please email me if you cannot remember which sheet you need or if you are ready to move on.
It would be good to do this on paper 3 times a week. The other two days, you could use a computer or tablet to practise your times tables using the games below.
If you would like to send in any work you have done or pictures of you doing some of the activities, please do! It would be lovely for everyone to see what we are all up to.
We have had a couple of weeks looking at statistics (graphs and gathering information) and 3D shapes. We are going to go back to our calculation methods this week.
Year 3 Maths Lessons
Year 3 Lesson 4 
Before we move onto division, have a go at the worksheet below. 
You will be solving multiplication problems that require you to use bar modelling or an array like you have been using for the above lessons.
You may find one method easier than the other - I don't mind which method you use to solve them but I would like to see your working out.
Year 4 Maths Lessons
Lesson One - You don't need anything for today, just a whiteboard and pen or a piece of paper and a thick felt tip so I can see your answers.
Below is tomorrow's worksheet. 
Of course if you finish this, there is a missing numbers challenge sheet too.
For this session, follow what is on oak academy trust. It is a little introduction to the inverse of multiplication.
We will extend these types of questions next week when we look at the inverse of larger calculations.
English - This week is a writing week.
We have finished all the planning and like we do in class, we will use this to help us with our piece of writing.
We made a start on this on Friday. There are 3 more lessons this week to complete the opening of the BFG. Take your time and use your targets. If you find you have some time left, perhaps you could look at some of your word choices and use a thesaurus to improve them.
Friday is down to you to show me what you have learned. 
For the final lesson this week, watch the film below but only the FIRST minute.
Use everything you have learned over the last 2 weeks to write the opening two paragraphs to this short story.
Use your targets too.
You may wish to use this structure to help you:
Paragraph 1:
What can you hear?
What is the atmosphere like?
What time of day is it?
What can you see?
What is the light doing?
What are the people doing?
Paragraph 2:
What is the man doing in the lighthouse?
Why was the lighthouse keeper angry? Can you describe how you know these? E.g. The light house keeper slammed the window with rage to block out the deafening sounds of people celebrating in the near by village.
What changes?
What happens now the light is broken? What is the immediate impact - think about what you can see now and how the people react in the village.
I will put these questions on a planning sheet as you may wish to note down your answers before you write your two paragraphs. If you wish to type your work for today, please do :)
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As there is a lot of writing in our English sessions this week, I thought we could focus on some reading activities and reflecting on the books we like to read.
Lesson 2 - Think back to all of the books that came to mind yesterday.
Your task today is to re-design the front cover of your favourite book. It could even be a book that you loved when you were really little!
 Lesson 3 - Create a word search including your favourite book titles, authors and characters.
It would be lovely to share some of these on our celebration page :)
Alternatively, have a go at one of the puzzles below.
Lesson 4 - Let's make some bookmarks. As a class, we love getting lost in a good book and the worst thing not being able to find your page.
Have a look at the video below - you can adapt your bookmark and make it into any animal that you like.
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Afternoon Lessons 
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week
Have a go at some of the activities below - let me know which ones you have enjoyed.
Session One- Cosmic Yoga
Session Two - Make a list of things that help you relax.
Try one of these this afternoon and let us know what you have done and how it has helped you.
If you can't think of anything, perhaps try the activities below.
Art - Our next topic is looking at basic drawing skills which will lead us onto tone and texture and observational drawings.
Below is a lesson that talks about different drawing techniques.
As well as the tasks in the video, you may wish to have a go at the techniques below. You could always include these during your mindfulness sessions as drawing can be quite therapeutic. 
Below are tasks for the following sessions:
A personal trainer from the Forest of Dean has created a 30 minute session for you to do at home.
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R.E - This is lesson 4 of 6 for our Hinduism unit
Please choose one of the activities below
This week we are going to start looking at introducing our friends and family, saying their name, spelling it and saying how old they are. This will begin to tie together some of the words we have been learning.
Below are some videos to remind you of family members and the alphabet. Don't forget there is a prompt sheet on how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet on last week's page.
You should use the conversation sheet to plan and practise a short speech about you are your family.
Hello, my name is Miss Haile (ash, ah, ee, ell, er). Je suis vingt-neuf. Il y a trois personnes dans ma famille, ma mere, mon pere et ma soeur. Ma soeur est Kerry (car, er, air, air, ee-grek).

Bonjour, Je m'appelle Mademoiselle Haile (H,a,i,l,e). I am 29. I have three people in my family, my Mum, my Dad and my sister. 

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