Remote Learning W/C 1st March

Hi Chestnut Class!
Find below your work for this week.
Don't forget - Tuesdays are different in school so make sure you look at the heading 'Tuesday' :) 
Check for Friday's afternoon work too... it's golden time! :) Hopefully Friday afternoons will be a time where we can all have a bit of fun. Lots of opportunities for great photographs to show your friends.
In addition to the maths, English and afternoon session, please keep practising your times tables.
Practise your times tables daily (Choose your times table sheet from the main remote learning page) Try to give yourself a 5 minutes time cap like we have in class to see how many you can do. Afterwards, get an adult to mark it for you OR use a calculator. Once you have got all of them correct 3 times you are ready to move onto the next challenge. Please email me if you cannot remember which sheet you need or if you are ready to move on.
It would be good to do this on paper 3 times a week. The other two days, you could use a computer or tablet to practise your times tables using the games below.
Please send completed work to:
Tuesdays are different in school to any other day and they can still be different at home too.
Today's Line Up:
Handwriting/Spelling practise for 20 minutes (see main remote learning page for booklets you can follow)
Make your potato World Book Day character
World Book Activities
R.E. Lesson
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English Lessons
Maths Lessons
Lesson One
Think about the types of angles you have been looked at last week.
You may want to refresh your memory by watching the song again (below).
We know that the smallest angles are ACUTE, then we have the RIGHT angle and then an OBTUSE angle which is bigger than a right angle.
There are two different tasks today.
Task one - identifying types of angles if you feel confident
Task two - focuses on the right angle - complete this if you want more practise identifying angles that are bigger and smaller than a right angle
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Lesson Two
Again thinking about the three types of angles we have learned, complete the worksheets below.
Use the more than > and < signs to complete sheet one.
Then, have a go at putting the angles in order on sheet two.
If you finish there are some challenge questions on the PowerPoint below.
Lesson Three
Today we are going to finish our unit on angles.
Your challenge is to use sticks, dry spaghetti or the line tool on paint to create a simple picture.
This could be an animal or a house or a scene like the beach.
When you have created your design, take a picture or print it from your computer and annotate the angles that you have got:
E.g. label:
  • acute angles
  • obtuse angles
  • right angles
If your image is rather complicated, choose to label up to 3 of each (otherwise you could be labelling for a long time!)
I'm looking forward to seeing these.
Grammar Lessons - There will not be any grammar sessions this week. We are going to carry out a range of World Book Day activities instead and celebrate our love of books.
Science Lessons
Science Lesson One
There isn't a worksheet for today - your task is to draw a diagram to show how we see objects. The video explains how to do this.
Science Lesson Two
There is a demonstration for today's lesson. If you want to have a go, you will need:
  • A small light source (torch)
  • A round object (ball, apple)
  • A lamp
Please take photographs!