Maple Class is home to the year 5 and 6 children,
Miss May (class teacher Mon-Thurs), Miss White (class teacher Fri) and Miss Grey (teaching assistant).
At the beginning of the year each house elected a house and deputy house captain. The children in year 5 and 6 who wished to put themselves up for election had to prepare a manifesto outlining why they would make a good house captain. Once they had delivered their speech we all had an important decision to make - who would we vote for? Each child cast their vote on a ballot paper. The votes were counted and verified and the results were announced in worship the following day.
Congratulations to our house and deputy house captains this year.
During the transition day in the Summer term, we started work on clay self-portraits. After the initial firing process in the kiln, we then glazed and re-fired them. See the wonderful results below.
After studying proportions and facial features, we sketched self-portraits which we then coloured using pastels. Can you work out who we are? Can you match any of our drawn self-portraits to our clay self-portraits? Why not pop into Maple Classroom and see if you can.
In September we eagerly awaited as the Tour of Britain passed our school. We made posters and flags to wave as the riders zoomed past. It was really exciting and has even inspired some of us to take cycling more seriously and possibly one day we might be cycling past the school as part of the peloton.
During October, we welcomed Grace and her helpers into school as they worked with each class to explain the different aspects of harvest.
During our first meeting we discussed the outside of the school, in particular the garden area. We noticed that the raised-bed and sandpit areas were overgrown with weeds and that it looked a mess, consequently it didn't set a very good first impression of our school. Therefore our first decision of the year was to improve these areas. We researched spring flowers and decided to purchase a number of daffodil bulbs. We then had to clear the areas and plant the bulbs.
Today we welcomed Jo-Jo and friend from CaterLink who first talked to us in worship about our 7 portions of fruit and veg we should be eating each day. Do you know how long it takes to grow asparagus? TWO YEARS! Do you know which fruit is the most eaten in the world? Most of us guessed bananas, apples, oranges, tomatoes - the actual answer is MANGO! Do you know how many seeds there are on the average strawberry? 200. 
After the worship each class attended a workshop with Jo-Jo and friend. We discussed our senses and got to try different foods which would "tickle our taste buds".  
This year we have decided to revamp how we approach homework. We have introduced Take-Away homework menus which include a number of different types of home learning tasks, such as, creative tasks, English tasks, outdoor learning tasks (see the PDF menu below). The children in Maple Class have loved this new approach. Find below some of the powerpoints children have created.
One of the homework tasks was to make a Christmas themed snow globe. Here are some of our creations.
This year's topic has been Moving Toys. After investigating different movements created with cam systems, we designed and made our own moving toy. We had the fun of measuring, sawing and fixing together a wooden frame and then the trickier task of building the cam system to go inside our toy. We created linear and rotary movements. See the video clips below.
For the last six weeks, we have been busy making these wonderful Father's Day pots. It was a long process:
  1. First we had to make the basic pot shape; then we had to make and attach facial features so the pots looked somewhat like our dads.
  2. We then had to leave them to dry out so they didn't crack in the kiln.
  3. After approximately one week, we fired them in the kiln - this took between 8 and 10 hours. Because we had 24 pots to fire, we had to fire them in two batches. Unfortunately, after the first batch the kiln broke down. Luckily, Forest High School agreed to fire the remaining pots.
  4. Next we painted the glaze on the pots - they needed between 3-4 coats.
  5. Once dried, we then had to fire them again - Forest High School to the rescue again.

We really enjoyed making these pots and hope our dads love them.

Happy Father's Day, from Maple Class

And a MASSIVE Littledean THANK-YOU to Forest High School.

This year's prom had two themes: Tropical and the 1980s. We had a great evening of singing, dancing, air guitaring and eating (and some of us even enjoyed a game or two of chess). 
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