Good communication between parents and school is vital to your child’s education. We use a link book system which not only records homework and daily reading but is used for any information you wish to share with us.

The school regularly issues newsletters by email, paper copy, or it can be viewed online on this website. All other letters that require a response will be sent home in the link book, this may be one letter per child or one letter per family.

Parents are asked to provide an email address so that the newsletters can be sent directly to them. Anyone who is responsible for the care of your children i.e. child-minder, grandparent, can also be sent a copy.

We also operate a text message service. Messages are sent to the main contacts mobile phone (or home phone if mobile number is not given). 

We also encourage parents to download the Eschool Parent app to their mobile telephone or tablet so that messages, both text and email, can be downloaded via wi-fi as we are aware of the poor mobile signal coverage in the area.

Staff are available at the start of the day and teaching staff are available at the end of the day to discuss minor issues. For more lengthy matters we ask that you arrange an appointment through the school office.

Contact Details

It is important that the school can contact parents/carers during the school day if case of an emergency. Data collection sheets are issued annually and we ask that you keep us informed of any changes to addresses and telephone numbers.