Medical Matters

Staff in schools are advised not to administer medicines to children. However if no alternative is available we will administer medicines on your behalf as long as a medicines form has been completed. Forms are available from the class teachers.

If your child suffers from an allergy i.e. plasters, penicillin, strawberries etc.please keep us informed.

If your child has an infectious illness (chicken pox, severe sickness and diarrhoea) please advise the school. A poster detailing recovery periods is located in the school office. 

Unfortunately the majority of children will suffer from head lice during their time at primary school. The current medical advice is:

  • Use a head louse detector comb regularly.
  • Check the whole of the family; treat those in whom one or more living lice are found, but not all of the others.
  • Try the combing and conditioning method first and if this is unsuccessful resort to lotions containing malathion or phenothrin.
  • If an insecticide lotion is used, it should be repeated after 7 days.
  • It is recommended that in the case of continued infestation, following the application of one of the lotions, the other lotion should then be used.

If treatment has not been successful then contact should be made with the school nurse or your doctor.