Welcome to Maple Class
Maple Class is home to the year 5 and 6 children,
Miss May (class teacher), Mrs Lyons (class teacher Thursday afternoon) and Miss Grey (Higher Level Teaching Assistant).

This PDF document contains an overview of the topics to be taught this year. Please note, whilst we try our best to cover as many of the topics as possible sometimes other exciting opportunities crop up that we just can't resist and therefore some of the topics noted on this overview may not happen.


Please ensure PE kit is in school at the start of each term.

                                     PE Kit

  • Black shorts/track suit bottoms
  • T.Shirt in your house colour (red, green, blue, yellow)
  • Track suit jacket or jumper (for the cold days)
  • Trainers/daps which must remain in school

Earrings and watches MUST be REMOVED for all PE lessons.

Reading is an essential life skill. At the same time as ensuring our children become confident readers we also encourage children to develop a love of reading. The PDF below outlines how reading is taught in Maple class.
Children are given opportunities to practise their spellings during morning registration everyday. We encourage the use of the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. Spellings are tested Thursdays. Below are the year 3/4 and year 5/6 statutory spelling lists.
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is an important part of the writing process. The children in Maple Class have daily SPaG lessons and at the end of KS2 they will be required to sit a SPaG SATs test. Below is a glossary of punctuation and grammatical terms that children need to understand:
Mathematics, like reading and writing, is an integral part of our lives. Our aim is for the children in year 6 to leave us confident with all aspects of mathematics. We do not set weekly focused maths homework however, like reading, we do encourage daily practice (approx. 10mins) of mathematic skills, such as, learning/practising quick mental recall of times tables and the corresponding division facts, learning the days of the week and months of the year in order together with knowing how many days are in each month, learning measurement equivalents, etc. Please record in the reading record (in the notes section) when mathematic skills have been practised.
Below is a PDF containing the Mathematical Facts children need to learn and also an overview of the mathematics curriculum for each year group.
Online Maths Games:
Hit the Button - excellent for practising times tables, doubling/halving, number 
                          bonds and square numbers 
This year we are continuing with our Take-Away Menu approach to homework. In addition to daily reading and maths practice, we would like you to spend time completing one activity from the menu per week. The menu is stuck in the children's yellow homework book, however, should you misplace the menu find a replacement in this section.
Term 1
House Captain Election
At the beginning of term we held house captain elections. Children in year 5/6 prepared election speeches which they delivered to their houses and then the whole school had the opportunity to vote. The candidates produced fantastic speeches and were so confident in their deliveries - it was such a shame they couldn't all be elected. 
Below is a photograph of all candidates. 
We started the school year with a poetry unit. After learning about different literary conventions such as, personification, alliteration, metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, we created our own versions of the Kit Wright poem, The Magic Box
German and Recorders 
Every Friday morning we have German and recorder lessons. We are becoming quite proficient in both skills. We are looking forward to learning Christmas tunes and performing them in worship and/or the church for the Christmas service.
Paralympian Sponsor Event 
Paralympians Katrina Hart and Jack Rutter joined us for our sponsor event. As a school we raised an impressive £803. We will be spending our half of the money on new sports equipment for the school.
Boomwhackers Club
Miss Pearson and Mrs Tattersall have run an after school Boomwhackers club this term for children in year 5 and 6. A boomwhacker is a lightweight, hollow, colour-coded, plastic tube, tuned to a musical pitch by length. Boomwhackers are used as musical instruments in the percussion family. The children have really enjoyed attending this club and performed two pieces of music in worship today. 
Homework Showcase
Find here examples of children's homework from this term.
Term 2
Prayer Space
On Tuesday we welcomed members of St. Ethelbert's church to carry out Prayer Space with us. We considered the parable of The Good Shepherd and reflected upon its meaning to us.  
World War One and Two History Topic
We have just started our history topic which links well with Remembrance this year as we mark 100 years since the end of WWI. We started the topic by acting out the events which led up to the start of WWI. We then learnt about the conditions soldiers suffered in the trenches along the Western Front. We responded through artwork and poetry.
After the initial lessons, we then had an afternoon of fun - QUIZ TIME. In our house teams, we attempted to answer the questions on this powerpoint. Miss May was the quizmaster (she enjoyed that role a little too much). We managed to answer a lot of the questions and earned a lot of house points. 
As a part of our WW1 topic, we applied our PowerPoint skills to make our own quizzes. Once we have finished the quizzes we will upload them here for you to test yourself. 
Christmas Homework Showcase
Christmas Crafts
Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy making clay Christmas decorations. We spent a fun-filled Thursday morning busily making our clay decorations. After a few days of 'drying out time', we fired our decorations in the kiln. Once the first round of firing was complete, we spent another enjoyable Thursday morning painting the glaze on. Finally, we fired our decorations for the second time in order to bind the glaze. They look wonderful. We are so proud of them and hope our families love them too.
Not only have we been making clay decorations but we have also been practising our sewing skills. We have made stuffed tree decorations using many skills:
  • pinning
  • cutting (using a template)
  • casting on/off
  • running stitch
  • whip stitch
  • blanket stitch
Christmas Lunch
On Wednesday, after spending the morning making Christmas hats we enjoyed our Christmas Lunch.
Snowman Drive
On Tuesday we spent a very enjoyable morning taking part in a Snowman Drive. The overall winner won with 84 points. 
Term 3 and 4
Homework Showcase
Young Voices 2019
On 25th January the Young Voices choir performed at the Resort World Arena in Birmingham. 6,379 children joined together to sing a range of songs that they have been learning (as well as dance routines and actions) since September.
An enjoyable day was had by all!
Clay Day
We have been busy working on our secret clay projects.
K'nex Challenge
Today we welcomed a representative from STEM who worked with us on developing our understanding of control technology. We used K'nex to make a fairground ride including a motor and lights. Using a FlowGo control interface, we programmed our rides to move in different directions and at different speeds, made lights flash and added music and sounds to the ride. We had a great day - learning lots. 
World Book Day
On Wednesday 6th March we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters and shared a book and a bun with our parents and siblings. 
Term 5/6
Diocese of Gloucester Good Shepherd Project
As part of the Good Shepherd Project, nine life-sized sheep models are travelling around the 118 church schools in the Diocese of Gloucester over this academic year. Each school will host a sheep for seven to ten days and has been asked to decorate it in an individual way, using the school’s logo, a distinctively Christian vision statement, or another piece of artwork inspired by this project. As well as this, each school will be asked to fill in a diary entry of how the sheep has been involved in school and parish life and include photos or samples of inspired school-work. One sheep is currently residing at Littledean CE Primary school and will be with us until Tuesday 7th May. Here he is enjoying a recorder lesson with the year 6 children.
Year 6 Leavers' Cathedral Service
On Wednesday 5th June the year 6 children joined many other year 6 leavers from other Church of England schools for a leavers' service at Gloucester Cathedral. 
Year 6 Bowling Trip
As part of our year 6 leavers' treats, we spent an enjoyable morning at Ten Pin in Gloucester. We had a game of bowling and spent time exploring the arcade. 
Love Your Forest Competition.
The children in Maple Class entered the Love Your Forest poster competition. They were tasked with designing a poster which encourages people to put their litter in the bin and not the floor - hence, Love Your Forest. Many schools entered and from the 130 plus entries, 5 children from Maple class won runner up prizes and 1 child won the main prize - her poster on the side of a Biffa truck. We are so proud of our classmates - well done!
Year 6 Leavers: BFF
As we prepare to leave Littledean CE Primary and embark on the next exciting journey of our education, we have been busy taking photographs of our friends who will last forever in our memories. 
We have been busy rehearsing our KS2 Summer performance - Ye-Ha! We've had so much fun and are looking forward to performing it for our families.
We have had a fantastic Mash Up prom. Enjoy looking through our photos.
Cam Systems
With two days left to go, we have finally finished our cam system moving toys.