Welcome to Maple Class
Maple Class is home to the year 5 and 6 children,
Miss May (class teacher), Mrs Lyons (class teacher Thursday afternoon) and Miss Grey (Higher Level Teaching Assistant).

This PDF document contains an overview of the topics to be taught this year. Please note, whilst we try our best to cover as many of the topics as possible sometimes other exciting opportunities crop up that we just can't resist and therefore some of the topics noted on this overview may not happen.


Please ensure PE kit is in school at the start of each term.

                                     PE Kit

  • Black shorts/track suit bottoms
  • T.Shirt in your house colour (red, green, blue, yellow)
  • Track suit jacket or jumper (for the cold days)
  • Trainers/daps which must remain in school

Earrings and watches MUST be REMOVED for all PE lessons.

Reading is an essential life skill. At the same time as ensuring our children become confident readers we also encourage children to develop a love of reading. The PDF below outlines how reading is taught in Maple class.
Children are given opportunities to practise their spellings during morning registration everyday. We encourage the use of the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. Spellings are tested Thursdays. Below are the year 3/4 and year 5/6 statutory spelling lists.
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is an important part of the writing process. The children in Maple Class have daily SPaG lessons and at the end of KS2 they will be required to sit a SPaG SATs test. Below is a glossary of punctuation and grammatical terms that children need to understand:
Mathematics, like reading and writing, is an integral part of our lives. Our aim is for the children in year 6 to leave us confident with all aspects of mathematics. We do not set weekly focused maths homework however, like reading, we do encourage daily practice (approx. 10mins) of mathematic skills, such as, learning/practising quick mental recall of times tables and the corresponding division facts, learning the days of the week and months of the year in order together with knowing how many days are in each month, learning measurement equivalents, etc. Please record in the reading record (in the notes section) when mathematic skills have been practised.
Below is a PDF containing the Mathematical Facts children need to learn and also an overview of the mathematics curriculum for each year group.
Online Maths Games:
Hit the Button - excellent for practising times tables, doubling/halving, number 
                          bonds and square numbers 
This year we are continuing with our Take-Away Menu approach to homework. In addition to daily reading and maths practice, we would like you to spend time completing one activity from the menu per week. The menu is stuck in children's yellow homework book, however, should you misplace the menu find a replacement in this section.
Term 1 ~ Homework
Children's homework responses for term 1:
Term 2 - Christmas Themed Homework
Children's homework responses for term 2:
Term 3 and 4 - Homework.
Term 6 - Summer Term Homework
Term 1
We started the school year with a poetry unit. After learning about different literary conventions such as, personification, alliteration, metaphors, similes, onomatopoeia, we created our own versions of the Pie Corbett poem, If I Had Wings. Our poems were collated into a class anthology, some of which we performed during the community worship held at the end of term 1.
Towards the end of term 1 we were introduced to the acronym DADWAVERS!. This has helped us create effective descriptions of settings and characters which are full of powerful images. We have also applied our knowledge of literary conventions to create fantastic descriptions. 
German and Recorders 
Every Friday morning we have German and recorder lessons. We are becoming quite proficient in both skills. We are looking forward to learning Christmas tunes and performing them in worship and/or the church for the Christmas service.
The Gunpowder Plot
Prior to bonfire night, we learnt about the gunpowder plot. This meant travelling back to the days of Henry VIII and the reformation. Through drama, we acted out the major events that led up to Robert Catesby plotting to blow up the King and parliament in 1605. We then learnt about how to keep ourselves safe for bonfire night - see our posters below which we displayed around the school.
Our art topic this term has been portraits. We have created self-portraits which are displayed in the classroom, please come and see them. We have also looked at the work of Van Gogh and Picasso.
Term 2
Child-led Worship
Jake, Sam and Benjamin spent many lunchtime playtimes planning their worship around the theme of perseverance. Although very nervous, they did a brilliant job. They managed to include technology (powerpoint, video clips), talk partners and reflection time. Well done - you did a great job!
Remembrance Day
The school council have been busy selling poppies and other remembrance day merchandise. 
Rock Steady
We had a fantastic start to the week as we were joined by James from Rock Steady. He introduced us to the difference between acoustic and electric instruments as well as demonstrating how to play the drums, guitar and keyboard. We all enjoyed joining in with the singing and many of us would now like to learn how to play the instruments and even set up our own band. 
Today we had a Kinball taster session. We learnt what Kinball is and how to play the game. We also enjoyed a game of India Jones with the Kinball.
Prayer Space
On Tuesday 28th November we took part in six prayer space activities focusing on the theme of Christmas. We thought about what we are thankful for this Christmas and also what Christmas would be like in other countries around the world.
Christmas Disco
After two snow days, we were happy to be back at school for all the Christmas festivities. First, for the Pantomime visit on Wednesday - we had a great time, Oh no we didn't, Oh yes we did! And on Thursday, after a fun day of Christmas craft tasks, we had a Christmas disco. 
Term 3
Young Voices 2018
On January 11th children from years 3-6 went to the Genting Arena to sing as part of the Young Voices choir with over 6000 other children. We have been practising all of the songs and dances since September so it was so nice to be able to perform to such a large audience. 
We are looking forward to doing another concert for our parents after half term.
What a way to start 2018!
Community Worship
On Friday 9th February we welcomed members of the Littledean parish to celebration the hard work we have done this term. In Maple class we shared our Rainforest Animal pastel pictures which we had been working on this term. See the powerpoint below of our pictures. 
Term 4
World Book Day
On Wednesday 7th March we celebrated World Book Day. We all dressed up as a character from a book. Our parents were invited into school in the morning where we all took part in a catwalk parade to show off our fabulous costumes. Our parents then shared a book and an iced bun with us. In the afternoon, the school council visited each class to administer a book quiz which they had designed. There were plenty of opportunities to earn house points.
In our English lessons this term we have been learning how to write stories which contain suspense. After watching and closely analysing the creepy animation Alma, we then attempted to write the story. We have tried to create suspense, use a variety of sentence types and opener and use adventurous language and literary conventions, such as similes, metaphors and personification. 
Click here to watch Alma.
Term 5
Whitemead Residential
We started the new term with a three day, two night stay at Whitemead Holiday Park. We had a lot of fun and we were very lucky to have wonderfully glorious sunshine - it was almost like it was summer. We took part in many fun activities, such as, fencing, archery, kinball, low ropes, bushcraft and buggy building. On the first evening we had a campfire and the second night we took part in a scrapheap challenge. We had a wonderful time.
Term 6
Cathedral and Bowling
Hollywood Prom