Welcome to Maple Class
Maple Class is home to the year 5 and 6 children,
Miss May (class teacher), Miss Grey (Higher Level Teaching Assistant), Mrs Anderson (Teaching Assistant) and Miss Mace (1:1 Teaching Assistant).

This PDF document contains an overview of the topics to be taught this year. Please note, whilst we try our best to cover as many of the topics as possible sometimes other exciting opportunities crop up that we just can't resist and therefore some of the topics noted on this overview may not happen.


We are introducing a new idea into school to help us develop children’s knowledge and understanding of the world. Each term, the children will bring home a document called a Knowledge Organiser. This document contains the essential knowledge that children will need to know as part of the different topics that they will be studying in class. 

We will be using the Knowledge Organisers in school as part of our lessons and it would be useful if the children could also spend some time looking at them at home.  Some of the activities within the children’s homework grids will be linked to the Knowledge Organisers in order to encourage the children to study them more closely. 


For this year, we ask that children come to school on Thursdays dressed in appropriate PE kit:

  • Black shorts/track suit bottoms
  • T.Shirt in your house colour (red, green, blue, yellow) - no logos please
  • School jumper/cardigan 
  • Trainers/daps which must remain in school

Earrings and watches MUST be REMOVED for all PE lessons.

Reading is an essential life skill. At the same time as ensuring our children become confident readers we also encourage children to develop a love of reading. The PDF below outlines how reading is taught in Maple class.
Children are given opportunities to practise their spellings during morning registration everyday. We encourage the use of the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method. Spellings are tested Thursdays. Below are the year 3/4 and year 5/6 statutory spelling lists.
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is an important part of the writing process. The children in Maple Class have daily SPaG lessons and at the end of KS2 they will be required to sit a SPaG SATs test. Below is a glossary of punctuation and grammatical terms that children need to understand:
Mathematics, like reading and writing, is an integral part of our lives. Our aim is for the children in year 6 to leave us confident with all aspects of mathematics. We do not set weekly focused maths homework however, like reading, we do encourage daily practice (approx. 10mins) of mathematic skills, such as, learning/practising quick mental recall of times tables and the corresponding division facts, learning the days of the week and months of the year in order together with knowing how many days are in each month, learning measurement equivalents, etc. Please record in the reading record (in the notes section) when mathematic skills have been practised.
Below is a PDF containing the Mathematical Facts children need to learn and also an overview of the mathematics curriculum for each year group.
Online Maths Games:
Hit the Button - excellent for practising times tables, doubling/halving, number 
                          bonds and square numbers 
This year we are continuing with our Take-Away Menu approach to homework. In addition to daily reading and maths practice, we would like you to spend time completing one activity from the menu per week. The menu is stuck in the children's yellow homework book, however, should you misplace the menu find a replacement in this section.
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Remote Learning

Monday 4th January: Remote document 1 has been emailed to you. The remote learning documents have been differentiated to cater for the varying needs within Maple Class. You have been emailed the document specific to your child's needs.

Update 16th January: as most children are coming to the end of the first maths unit, I have emailed you an end of unit quiz for your child to complete - please email this to me once completed. I have also emailed you a new second maths unit plan (email sent 17/1/21). If you have not received the email, or you have inadvertently lost or deleted it, please contact me and I will resend it: 

Update 24th January: you are most probably coming towards the end of your first English unit: Non-Chronological Reports. Please email your final reports to me. Last night I emailed your second English unit and associated worksheets to your parents/carers. 

Update 22th February: today you will be emailed new remote learning documents for the next two weeks.



Geography Support
Art Support
Subtraction Support
Watch this video which recaps how to subtract using exchanging. 
Short Multiplication Support
Missing Digits in Column Addition Support
Perimeter Support.
Video 1 - what is perimeter?
Video 2 - working out perimeter when one or more values are missing
Video 1 - What is area? How do you work out the area of squares and rectangles?
Video 2 - How do you work out the area of compound shapes?
Spelling Test
Please ensure you carry out a spelling test once per week - we usually do this on a Thursday. Please email your results to Miss May so she can record them in the spelling folder.
English Unit 2 - Lesson 5
Below is the video lesson for there, their, they're.
It might be a little glitchy in places - but persevere with it. It also appears to have cut off the last few seconds. There is a worksheet to go with the lesson - please see you email. 
English Unit 2 - Lesson 10
Below is the video lesson for its/it's. 
Children's Mental Health Week
Monday 1st - 7th February 2021
The children of Maple Class have been working so hard during this second school closure. I have been so pleased with the response to the home-learning. I am also very aware that this means they have spent a lot of time in front of a screen which can have a negative effect on their wellbeing. In order to have a break away from the screens this week, I have put together these ideas. 
Class Reader
Our class reader for this term is Michael Morpurgo's This Morning I Met A Whale. 
Here is part 1. Part 2 will be uploaded next week. 
World Book Day - Potato Challenge