May 2019

1st May 2019
Diocese of Gloucester Good Shepherd Project
As part of the Good Shepherd Project, nine life-sized sheep models are travelling around the 118 church schools in the Diocese of Gloucester over this academic year. Each school will host a sheep for seven to ten days and has been asked to decorate it in an individual way, using the school’s logo, a distinctively Christian vision statement, or another piece of artwork inspired by this project. As well as this, each school will be asked to fill in a diary entry of how the sheep has been involved in school and parish life and include photos or samples of inspired school-work. One sheep is currently residing at Littledean CE Primary school and will be with us until Tuesday 7th May. 
Activity Trail
We have exciting news.......... Our activity trail (which was designed by the school council) has been fitted and is ready for use.  We also have a 'throne' on the school field, which has been made from the stump of a tree that we had to have cut down.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed playing with both.