Summer Holiday Challenge

20th July 2015
During the summer holidays the children were challenged to have their photograph taken reading a book in the strangest or most unusual place they could think of. We had many entries including children sitting in dog beds, under tables, on top of vehicles, in the bath, on a surf board and even sat on the toilet! However, after much deliberation Miss Haile and the librarians decided on a winner for each year group. These children have chosen their favourite book and these books are going to be placed in our NEW library. The books are going to be dedicated to the winners and will have their names written in the front of the books. Hopefully the other children will enjoy reading the books they have picked too! Please see the winning photos below. 2015 extreme reading winners are:
Year 2 - Kaitlin pictured reading in front of the lighthouse
Year 3 - William pictured reading on top of a cannon
Year 4 - Scott pictured reading on a tank
Year 5 - Harley pictured with a camel peering over his shoulder
Year 6 - Harriet pictured reading with her dog